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How to bypass an ad blocker

Often after developing and launching a site, its owner thinks about how make money . After all, at least the site should bring at least some profit, otherwise you don't really want to develop such a site that does not bring any benefit.

The most common way to make money on your site today is advertising . However, users do not always like ads, so they install various extensions in their browsers to block ads.

In this case, the income from the site can drop significantly. It is known that there is a reaction to any action - so we will bypass this obstacle. How can I bypass my ad blocker ?

Обойти блокировщик рекламы adblock

Ad blockers work according to some algorithm, they do not have artificial intelligence and therefore cannot effectively recognize where is advertising, and where is just content. In any case, it was so before. This algorithm most often boils down to checking site addresses with their own list - a filter to which domains providing advertising content are added.

Ads are blocked at the stage of page loading in the client's browser, which means that only content from unlisted domains will be loaded. Therefore, when placing ads on the site, it is enough to place the ad unit code not directly, as it is provided by an advertising broker, but by replacing the domain addresses with any allowed and available to you.

And only then these addresses should provide advertising content from the advertiser's website. Let's see an example of how it works.

Thus, when the page starts loading in the visitor's browser and the advertising content is blocked, the newly created ad unit will not be blocked, since the request for advertising goes to your own server, which is not in the filter list of advertisers' sites. In this case, it will be he who will request advertising and send it to the place where the script is installed. As a result, the advertisement will be shown to the user, despite the fact that he has its blocker installed.

This method can be used for similar advertising codes and other content, you just need to replace the address with your own, which will request advertising on behalf of the server. Such a circumvention of the advertising ban is probably fair, because for someone advertising on the site is the only way to financially support it. But advertising should not be dirty and crawling out on the floor of the screen, everything should be in moderation.

However, the efficiency of this method is currently impossible to guarantee, as data processing algorithms are constantly changing.

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