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How to pick mushrooms, peel and cook russula, and how many mushrooms you can eat

Mushrooms are an interesting and useful product. They grow very quickly, also age quickly and disappear. Mushrooms contain a variety of nutrients. Mushrooms are often grown in greenhouses, but that's not quite the case. Real mushrooms are natural, expect the appearance of mushrooms in the forest after the rains (usually from the beginning of June to late autumn). The forest belt should be clean and at a safe distance from polluting objects, as the mushrooms absorb the surrounding substances well.


Mushroom picking in the forest is easy enough. Before the hike, you should wear suitable clothing to protect against possible insects (ticks, etc.), take a convenient container and a knife. Do not forget about protection from rain, as it is not uncommon for mushroom pickers to get caught in the rain, because mushrooms grow after rain. Often the most common mushroom to find is the russula. They come in different types, mainly differ in the color of the cap.


In case of good conditions, just entering the forest, you can already find a whole clearing of mushrooms. It is worth taking only those mushrooms that are well known externally, so as not to accidentally confuse them with poisonous ones. You should also pay attention to the age of the mushroom - it is best to collect young ones. They are much healthier, stronger and do not contain harmful substances. It is worth avoiding outwardly rotten mushrooms with yellowness, and of course wormy mushrooms.


It is best to collect russula in a bucket or basket, that is, in a container with hard edges, since russula are very easily destroyed. As a last resort, you can use a bag, but you need to be extremely careful when moving with it. When suitable mushrooms are found, you need to remove the mushroom and cut off the stem, if everything is fine, put it in a collection container, otherwise discard.


Finally, the mushrooms are collected, it remains to wash and cook them. It is best to do this right away, because mushrooms deteriorate very quickly, and the appearance of harmful substances begins by decomposing protein compounds.

How to wash mushrooms ? This can be done in different ways, depending on what will be prepared from the mushrooms and what the actual mushrooms are. For example, for drying, it is better not to soak mushrooms in water, but simply brush them. Otherwise, the mushrooms may start to rot from the absorbed water.


Most often, mushrooms are prepared for boiling and then for frying, sealing, baking on the grill, etc. In this case, you can pour the mushrooms, in this case russula, with hot water and after 5 minutes start cleaning them with a brush or sponge. Legs and skins do not need to be removed, especially if the mushrooms are not bitter.

How to cook russula is up to everyone. When the mushrooms are cleaned, you can put them to boil for 15-30 minutes in salted water, and then drain the water and rinse the mushrooms with clean water. This is necessary for greater confidence in the safety of mushrooms, because in this case, harmful substances will remain in the water. After the decoction, the mushrooms are cut as required and then various dishes are prepared: fried mushrooms with sour cream, mushroom pie, fried mushroom pies, mushroom pancakes, mushroom dumplings , etc. There are many recipes, the dishes are obtained with very good taste.

How many mushrooms can you eat ? Mushrooms are still considered a heavy food, especially because of the chitin content, which is most in the legs. According to some recommendations, it is better to eat no more than 150 grams per day, but you need to rely on your own feelings and it may be worth refusing to often eat mushrooms if you feel some discomfort.

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