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How to build a database of email addresses for mailing

Newsletters are a very effective tool in internet marketing . With it, you can quickly convey information about a new service or product to your potential customers. It is important to understand that mailings should only be sent to addresses whose owners do not mind receiving messages. But where do you find newsletter email addresses ? The answer can be found below.

База email

First of all, it is important to decide which tool to use for mailing. For many, it is undesirable to use paid services; sending out on the basis of the site is also not a good option. The best option is to choose any free email service and use a native tool that will simply click buttons in your browser for you. Thus, you can register any number of mailboxes at any time and use them for mailing. All emails will be sent as if you were manually sending emails through the browser interface. Such a tool is " Automation Mail " , you can order it through the contacts on this website.

When the mailing tool is ready to go, you can start building the email database . Of course, you can purchase ready-made databases on the Internet, but such databases may be out of date, contain mostly garbage addresses, and you still have to pay for them. Therefore, it is much better to resort to the help of your own special means to collect such a base. You can purchase a tool that collects email database upon user request.

How does it work? It is enough to specify the keywords for the search, a list of site addresses will be received, after which the search for addresses on such sites will be performed. Upon completion of work, you will be provided with lists with url-addresses sites and email-addresses found on these sites. The effectiveness of this approach is approximately 50%. That is, out of 100 sites, about 50 email addresses will be received.

This approach compares very favorably with all other approaches, since you get only the most demanded addresses that are in the top of search engines, which means they are relevant. In addition, you can find sites and email addresses only on the topics you need, you can set a limit on the number of addresses.

Thus, as a result of the operation of such a tool, a free database of email addresses will be created, which can be used for mailings. A great addition to the Automation Mail tool. You can also order through the feedback on this site.

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