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Website content, bad or good content?

Наполнение сайта контентом

As you know, a site without content (content) is practically of no value to both living people and search engine robots. You can consider the site as a framework that serves only as a place to post information, without interesting content, it is useless, no matter how much money you are didn't spend on its development . The site after development is like an empty newspaper, it seems that there is something to hold in your hands, but there is no value from it if you planned to read something. So where to get the content for filling the site just developed or already functioning for a long time?

What is content

There are many ways to get content for a site. First of all, it must be said that content can be both good and bad. What content is considered good and what is bad? In short, good content is, first of all, unique and interesting materials, be it textual information, audio or video recordings, presentations, documents, etc. Bad, respectively - non-unique and uninteresting for your site visitors. But not everything is so categorical, there are many other criteria for assessing the quality of content, it all depends on what goals you pursue when filling the site. For example, creating a landing page needs not only good content, but also something else, this is written in a separate article.

Examples of good and bad site content

There are many examples of bad content, just a few:

With bad content, it's more or less clear which content can be considered good? Therefore, the opposite is true, here are some examples:

Thus, fill your site with good content - unique and interesting for visitors. This determines whether your project is successful.

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