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Take your time, learn how to make a website right

Как сделать сайт, способы создания сайтов

Site creation not an easy task, especially if you are new to this business. You may need the site for a wide variety of needs, for example, if you want to do business online. In general, there are different types of sites, a few examples: personal page, blog, portal, online store. Therefore, untrained people may have many questions regarding the process of creating their own website. Let's try to answer the main one - how to make a website and how to do it correctly, without extra costs. Yes, exactly how to make the site right and avoid unnecessary waste in the form of time or money.

Ways to create websites

Let's start with the fact that you can develop sites in different ways. You can order the development of a ready-made website from specialists, for example, from us, you can try to start making a website yourself. In the second case, you will inevitably have to study and understand many issues on this topic. And in this case, without experience, you can make many mistakes. Therefore, we advise you not to waste precious time, but order the creation of a site from us - we will make the site you need. But if you are determined to create a site yourself , then first of all you need to decide whether you will develop a site from scratch, based on a CMS, or even choose a site builder .

I must say that it is better to discard the option of creating a website in the constructor right away, and here's why. Such a whipped-up site is more fun for children than a tool for creating a more or less serious representation on the network. The site will not actually belong to you; when you try to transfer it to a normal full-fledged hosting, problems will arise. Sites made in the constructor are mostly monotonous and stereotyped, no matter who tells you what. The functionality is also limited, use what you have. Generally speaking, it is strange that many are led by advertising to create a site in the constructor , such as wix or ucoz. Often, after a negative experience of website development in a constructor, people turn to us to create a normal website. The lost time and money for using the constructor will never be returned to them. Don't repeat mistakes.

Having crossed out the option of creating a website in the constructor, there are 2 more left. To create a website completely from scratch at the present time for ordinary users can be an overwhelming task. In order to make a website correctly, you need to study and use modern web development technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. Therefore, the best option would be CMS-based development.

Choosing a CMS for the site

CMS serves as a basis and allows you to create a site of acceptable quality. Currently, a sufficient number of such systems, both paid and free, are available. Which one to choose is up to you, but we recommend using CMS Drupal or Eqsash CMS for developing sites and web applications. CMS Drupal is a serious system with a well thought out structure. We are also developing for this system and making Drupal sites . Unlike such common systems as Joomla and Wordpress, CMS Drupal is flexible in development, security and convenience. Still, Drupal can seem like a heavy tool; if configured incorrectly, it can load the server more than other CMS. Therefore, for web development, it is currently better to use Eqsash CMS, a lightweight and functional system.

Помощь в создании сайта

To create a website or a web application on Eqsash CMS, just download the system and go directly to development. A short documentation for this system is available on the site, which will help you understand the principles of CMS operation. You can make a website pretty quickly and then post it on the Internet. If you still have any difficulties in creating a website or web application, you can always contact us, we will be happy to provide you with assistance in creating a website .

Thus, we briefly covered the question "how to make the site right" , we hope the information will be useful to you.

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