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Simple website advertising

Простая реклама

Sooner or later, the site owner faces the question of promoting his site and making money on it. Today there are a huge number of different services offering similar services. If you need a simple service that provides an opportunity to make money on your website, as well as a service where you can order advertising at the lowest price, then you should pay attention to the advertising broker

You can talk about this service for a long time, but you can try it yourself right now by clicking on the link above. Also on this link you will learn about all the advantages of this broker, including the following:

If, after installing the ad unit code on your site, you want to remove the "Paid Ads" link, then simply add the following class to your stylesheet:

  .takru b {display: none; }  

There are many tips on how to remove this caption on the Internet, but these tips contain cumbersome code. Above, the simplest method is proposed, while not violating the rules of the service.

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