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Sending messages to email

There is often a need to send mail messages to a pre-formed list of email addresses . To do this, you can use various tools and services. Do not forget that you can send messages only to those users who have expressed their consent.

Рассылка сообщений mail

How to effectively organize your newsletter ? To do this, it is better to contact specialists who understand this issue, since an unqualified service can create more problems than be useful.

Sending emails manually is a long and tedious task, so this option will not work. Contacting mailing services is currently not the best option either, since often there is nothing behind their advertisements about cheapness and great return on mailings, or you will get the wrong result. This business must be approached responsibly if you want to get a good result.

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The best option is to contact a knowledgeable specialist who will develop a unique mailing service for you. This can be the implementation of a mailing system on your existing site in the form of a module or the development of a special program . In this case, you will have easy access to such a tool. It is better to pay once and get a great tool than to pay large sums for temporary use of questionable third-party services, which can also spoil your mailing base (for example, resell to someone, etc.). < / p>

The mailing service can be made on the basis of the site on which the PHP - mail () function is running. But each hosting has a limit on the number of emails sent per day. In addition, very soon your outgoing address may get into spam lists, which makes further mailing ineffective.

Рассылка сообщений, инструмент

How to be? There is a unique solution - " Automation Mail ", a special tool that does not have all of the above restrictions. The development of such a tool took a significant amount of resources. But now you can make mailing efficient, fast and without any restrictions ! In addition, it is free , it is enough to purchase such a tool once. This development can be available only after full payment for one copy of the software product, you can learn more by leaving a request .

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