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Landing page development can hurt

Что такое лендинг

First of all, what is a landing page or landing page? In short, this is a page for increasing the number of sales of goods or services that a user lands on. Such a page should make your visitor - a potential client - want to order a service, product, or perform another action you need. The concept of landing page originates from abroad and has now spread quite well. In the Russian-speaking segment, you can often hear or see the spelling "landing page" or simply "landing page".

Oddly enough, many people think that a landing page is always just one page placed on the main page of a domain. To creating a landing page , such users usually specially register a new domain name and completely assign it to one landing page - landing page, and this is an additional cost. In fact, it is not at all necessary to allocate an entire domain for such a page, you can create as many similar landing pages as you like on an existing one. You can highlight certain categories of goods or services on your site and direct all your efforts towards selling them. To do this, you create the required number of landing pages and place them at the most visited addresses of your site.

Incorrect landing page design

There are people who believe that by creating and posting a landing page on their site, their affairs will definitely go uphill. Not necessarily, and often not at all. Wrong landing pages development can, on the contrary, alienate potential customers who visit such pages. It's all about the right approach, you need to find a middle ground in order to entice the user to do the action you need and at the same time not seem to him as an intrusive spammer.

A little about the psychologists of the modern consumer. A landing page is essentially a well-designed advertising page that encourages the visitor to do something. Today people are becoming more cautious and distrustful, getting used to the fact that any information needs to be checked and rechecked. As for the imposition of services, many have already realized that in this way advertisers are trying to sell their goods and services at any cost, which means that behind beautiful phrases and promises one must definitely wait for a dirty trick and deception. Therefore, a person tries to get rid of the source of such propaganda as soon as possible, be it SMS, advertising on websites, mails or your landing page.

It is not for nothing that the state is taking the side of the modern consumer, limiting the distribution of advertising information at the legislative level. Therefore, it becomes clear why many such seemingly enticing landing pages with expiring promotions, reduced prices and other nonsense simply do not work. The user has already had enough of advertising, and if he buys something, it will only be of his own free will and without "nudges". Therefore, it is important not to overdo it here.

Another option for incorrectly creating a landing page is that it is not designed to be sufficiently motivating and does not bring results. Too sluggish texts, boring pictures and other content, the visitor simply closes the page and goes to another, or completely leaves the site.

What is the bottom line, how to order the creation of landing page correctly

Создание landing page, разработка лендингов

It turns out that Landing page needs to be created in such a way that it is not too intrusive and advertising, but at the same time it is not boring and of the same type. To do this, you need to correctly approach the very process of creating such promotional tools, the developer must understand well what a landing page is, study the company's field of activity, produce effective content and, at the same time, competently implement everything technically.

From the above it follows that it is important to order the development of landing pages where they really understand what they should be. Moreover, in this matter it is better not to save money and not resort to the services of pseudo-specialists. The income and reputation of your company depends on the effectiveness of such pages, so we advise you to order the creation of landing page from us.

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