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Container component

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This component allows you to add various content that can be displayed in different regions of the site. The number of regions and their location depends on the included theme.

To go to the component management page, select the "Container" link in the main administrative menu, a list of all containers will be displayed, if any, or a message will be displayed about their absence. A container can also be called a block in another way.

To add a new container, click "Добавить контейнер". As a result, you will be prompted to fill in the fields: name, content, region, where to display and weight of the container.

Добавление контейнера

In the Title field, enter a unique name for the container, and in Content, enter the actual contents of the container. Next, select the region to display. If you leave "not specified", then the container will be added, but will not be displayed anywhere.

Добавить контейнер

The rest of the form must also be filled in, select a condition to display the container. By choosing “everywhere”, the container will be shown everywhere accordingly. After choosing the option "where is the URI", then you need to enter the address at which the container will be displayed. You can leave nothing after the equal sign, then the container will be shown only on the main page. By choosing "where Content Type", you must enter the content type where the container will be displayed. Where "Container weight" - enter the desired weight, if nothing is specified, the weight will be 0. Based on this value, the containers are sorted and displayed, the higher the value, the lower the container will be in the list. You can enter negative numbers by adding a minus sign in front of the number.

After filling in all the fields, click the "Add" button. As a result, the container will be created and will appear in the list of containers.

Список контейнеров

For containers, as well as for materials, the operations "modify" and "delete" are available.

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