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This component provides management of all site users and is included in the core. The component mainly implements the possibility of registration, login, differentiation of access rights.

When installing Eqsash CMS , a main user is created who is not restricted in access rights. To enter the site, a special page is used, on which you must enter your username and password.

Форма входа

Thus, any previously registered user can get into the system. The system checks the correctness of the entered data and, if incorrect values ​​are entered, displays information messages framed in a red frame. In order to get to the login page, you need to type in the address bar of the browser after the domain name / user / enter , as a result, the above login form will be displayed. After logging in, the user is taken to a personal page. It has a link to edit personal information. Clicking on this link will open the page shown below.

Редактирование профиля пользователя

To log out from the site, click on the "Logout" link in the upper right menu or add it to the address bar of the browser after the domain name / user / logout .

Registration of new users is carried out on a special page / user / registration . If necessary, links to the registration and login pages can be made in various places on the site, in order not to bother the user to register the necessary addresses manually. In some cases, registration can be disabled in the kernel of the system.

When registering, the user is required to enter a username, password, email address and name. After submitting the form, the process of validation of the entered values ​​is started, and the uniqueness of the login and e-mail address is also checked. If incorrect data is entered, a corresponding message will be displayed. Otherwise, the user will be successfully registered, after which an email will be sent to the mailbox to confirm the mailbox and activate the account. If the user does not activate the account, a special message will be displayed to him when he goes to his personal page.

To access various sections of the site, you need rights, they are controlled by the administrator. To go to the main page for managing the "User" component, you need to click on the corresponding link in the main control menu, in the "Core" block. This will display the following form.

Управление правами

Three roles are created by default: admin, user, anonym. The strings for this table of permissions are programmatically provided by the kernel, components, and custom modules. To add rights to the functions of his module, the developer must take care of entering the corresponding fields in the "user_access" table in the database. To enable the permission, you must check the box next to the desired function and role, to disable it, uncheck the box. After the done manipulations, you must save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

Thus, the "User" component provides all the necessary functionality in terms of user management.

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