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Basic functions for working with arrays in PHP, the array prefix


You have to work with arrays in any programming language; PHP has a number of special functions for conveniently working with arrays. Arrays allow you to store a large amount of information; they are complex structures that can contain various data.

There are several kinds of arrays in PHP. Arrays can be simple, they can be associative , in which there are key-value matches. Arrays can also be nested , one can easily nest another.

Most array functions begin with array_ to quickly apply the desired function. For example, the IDE or some editor may support auto-completion, in which case the developer just needs to write array_ and then all functions for working with arrays will be offered. But there are also functions whose names you need to remember or look at the reference book. Such functions begin without the array_ prefix .

Let's see what are the main functions in PHP for working with arrays :

Thus, working with arrays in PHP is quite simple, just memorize a few simple functions and apply them to achieve the desired result.

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