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All the most interesting things from various areas of life are collected in the article section - here you can find both educational articles and just notes. You can always learn something new and useful that will be useful in practice. For example, below are sections of articles on information technology:

Creation, modification and promotion of websites
Development of mobile applications and PC programs
Remote assistance and other things

Downloads section

Download new software. For example, the unique content management system Eqsash CMS will help create new sites more efficiently and quickly - it is a CMS and CMF at the same time. The system is simple, safe and undemanding in terms of resources - yet it is very functional. In the Downloads section you can also find links to documentation and other software.

Name: Eqsash CMS 2.1

Description: A unique content management system designed for ordinary users and IT professionals. On its basis, you can develop any web applications and sites.

Name: Amessage 1.1

Description: Secure communication through your server, includes chat with voice messages for websites, a web version with social network elements, and an encrypted mobile application.

Name: Atransform 1.0 (MS Windows)

Description: The program allows you to automatically, quickly and losslessly convert any number of DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF files into different formats (DOCX, DOCM, DOC, RTF, PDF, HTML, XML, TXT). MS Word required.

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Website and program development - You can leave a request right now. Fast response, high-quality execution and prompt support. It is possible to create, modify and promote websites, develop mobile applications and PC programs, develop and implement other software.

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