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Eqsash CMS (CMF)


Name: Eqsash CMS 2.1

Description: Eqsash CMS is a unique content management system designed for general users and IT professionals. On its basis, you can develop any web applications and sites.


  • Screenshots may not be up to date, the system is updated as it improves;
  • PHP 8 hosting;
  • The source code of the project is obfuscated, but you can use the open API in your modules and themes.

Main features and characteristics

  • small system size;
  • installation on an existing site or as a new project, the ability to install in a subdirectory and the use of table prefixes;
  • easy management interface and admin panel at the top of the site;
  • managing settings through the interface and using the file settings.php;
  • separate custom root directory for custom content - data, files, fonts, libraries, modules, themes;
  • using caching - JavaScript, CSS and more;
  • use search on the site;
  • managing containers (blocks) - creating, editing, deleting, as well as assigning site regions for display, access control, etc.;
  • managing materials, their types and fields - creating, editing, deleting, applying templates for theming;
  • menu and link management - create, edit, delete;
  • using modules and themes;
  • using taxonomy (managing dictionaries and tags) - creating, editing, deleting, tagging entities and displaying tagged entities on pages;
  • managing users, their roles and fields, as well as access - creating, editing, deleting;
  • management of multilingual site - uploading strings for translations and adding them, easy application in code.

Other features

  • API provision - internal and external;
  • create forms and fields programmatically - Form API, separate files for forms;
  • easy management of routing and address handling;
  • managing entities (materials, users, containers, menus, taxonomy, etc.) programmatically - creating, editing, deleting;
  • easy and understandable Database API - for managing queries to the database MySQL;
  • using service files - for setting addresses in the system and their handlers, describing database tables, managing API functionality;
  • the ability to use the utility library, encryption, and more.


Eqsash CMS is a simple CMS, a new tool for creating websites and web applications of various levels. It is an effective and convenient tool that anyone can use. The system was developed using modern web technologies and adapted to work on various platforms. It can be used as a replacement for existing content management systems, various frameworks, website builders, and also eliminates the need to develop a web application or site from scratch.

CMS is developed in PHP web programming language, as well as using other web technologies. MySQL relational database is used for data storage. Some components use the JavaScript scripting language to perform various tasks. The default version of the hypertext markup language is HTML5. CSS is used to design the appearance of pages.

Простая CMS, характеристики

The center of the system, its core - is designed and developed in such a way that allows all components to effectively interact with each other and provides flexible options for creating projects. The core also includes components that are an integral part of the CMS and provide basic functionality. It is possible to develop and implement additional functional nodes - themes and modules, which makes it easy to expand the functionality and change the appearance of the web application.

Thus, Eqsash CMS can be used as a simple CMS for website development from scratch, or as a powerful framework for complex web applications. All this became possible thanks to the use of modern web technologies in the development. You can download the CMS right now.

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