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Installation of Eqsash CMS will not take long. It is enough to make a few clicks and you can start using the software product.

1. To install the system, you will need to download the latest version from download pages and unzip the contents of the archive to the desired directory on the server . Then you need to type the available address in the address bar, the installation process will start:


2. You should select the desired language and click on the "Start installation" button, after which the next installation page will open. First you need to create a MySQL database and a user for it on the server, you will need to enter this data on the page that opens. Additionally, you can set prefixes for database tables, which is convenient when installing into an existing database:


3. On the page that opens, you are prompted to enter some administrative data. At this stage, the main user of the system is created, which has unlimited access. After entering the necessary information, it remains to click the "Install system" button:


4. This will open a page notifying you that the system has been successfully installed. Now everything is ready to go - you can go to the main page by clicking on the link or simply by refreshing the page, the transition will be made automatically.


5. The system is installed and ready to use, all links for easy management are available in the administrative panel. The main page of the system after installation looks something like this:


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