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Amessage - secure communication through your server, with a chat for the site, a social network and a mobile application


Name: Amessage 1.1

Description: Amessage - secure communication through its own server, includes a chat with voice messages for websites, a web version with social network elements, a mobile application with encryption. All data will be transmitted through your server - outsiders will not have access to your messages.


  • Screenshots may not be up to date, the system is updated as it improves;
  • PHP 8 hosting;
  • In the mobile application, do not forget to specify your server address in the form, where is your domain, otherwise a shared server will be used.

Key Features

  • sending attachments - any files;
  • sending voice and text messages (voice messages are currently only available in the web version - chat for websites and the page in Amessage);
  • communication in a mobile application with encryption of all data, you will never miss new messages thanks to notifications. You can change the server address to connect to other Amessage systems;
  • Install on an existing site or as a new project;
  • integrated social network on your site, available at a separate address;
  • using one system for different sites, it is enough to place the widget code on them and all messages will go to this system;
  • all data is stored on your hosting and not on third-party services that can collect and sell your users' data to competitors.

Other options

  • site visitor does not need to have an account - automatic registration without requesting data about him (in case of starting a dialogue), he can enter data later if necessary, including setting a password and email;
  • not all users have accounts in social networks and not everyone wants to show their profile there, so the widget from them may not always be effective - this development does not have such problems;
  • At the top of the widget, a link to the social network is displayed, the visitor can easily go to it and continue communication there;
  • automatically send the first message to the site visitor (can be disabled in the settings);
  • assigning any system user as a widget operator;
  • automatically set the operator status in the widget - online or offline, based on his activity;
  • enable and disable auto-update of operator status;
  • manual setting of operator status;
  • immediate email notification to the operator about a new message when he is offline;
  • when the operator is offline, the form with fields is displayed in the widget - name, email, phone number and PD processing agreement (the link to the document can be set in the settings);
  • the operator can exchange messages directly in the chat window - a list of dialogs is displayed;
  • set user image;
  • a pop-up message next to the widget button, which can be set in the settings for the operator's online and offline status;
  • new message indicator on the widget button in the form of a red dot, message read indicator (unread messages are marked in blue) and unread message count indicator next to the dialog;
  • automatically update dialogs;
  • remove any dialog;
  • viewing information about the status of the interlocutor - when he was online, as well as viewing his other data;
  • search for users by name and the ability to start a dialogue with any of them;
  • user management - delete any user with all his data (available for administrator);
  • protection - administrator block any user in one click.


The following is a brief installation and usage guide:

  • after downloading, unzip the archive and place its contents in the desired directory on the hosting;
  • if necessary, rename the folder, you can place it in the folder of an existing site - in this case, you should get an address like:, is a sample domain, substitute your address;
  • go to this address - the installation will start. The database can be used from an existing site - during installation, you can specify a prefix for tables, tables can be easily deleted if the system is uninstalled;
  • when the installation is completed, you can go to the settings, as well as edit the profile.

It remains to embed the chat on the necessary sites, for this it is enough to place the following simple code on them (consider the actual location of the amessage.js file):

<script src=""></script>

If the chat will be used on third-party domains, cross-domain requests must be allowed. To do this, for example, you can add the following line to the .htaccess file in the root of the main site (where the system is installed):

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"


The chat icon in the corner of the site looks something like the picture below, the text is set in the settings - for online and offline separately. The red dot tells the visitor that there is a new message for him.


Clicking on the icon will open the main chat window. The green dot next to the name indicates that the operator is online, when he is offline - a gray dot.


You can send voice and text messages, unread messages are marked in blue.


The installation of the main system is very simple (it is a control center where you can manage all messages, settings, communicate, etc.).


Amessage main page interface. By default, a list of dialogs opens, which can be deleted by clicking on the minus sign. The number of unread messages is displayed in red. When you open a dialogue, a brief information about the interlocutor is displayed on the right. You can search for interlocutors by clicking search at the top of the page, and management is available only to the administrator. To log out, you must click the appropriate button, after which you can re-enter or register.


Clicking on your name will take you to your personal page where you can edit your profile.


Below is a part of the settings page available to the administrator.


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