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What's new in Drupal 9, an overview of user wishes

Currently, the main forces are directed to the development of Drupal 8, but the development of Drupal 9 is also proceeding, albeit slowly. Everyone already knows what's new in Drupal 8, but there is very little information about what's new in Drupal 9 . Now such data can be collected based on the existing wishes of users published on the official Drupal website. You can also download and try Drupal 9 yourself, a dev version is available for download.


First of all, you can see for yourself, what's new in Drupal 9 . To do this, go to and apply the version filter - install 9.x. A list of versions for downloading will be displayed, at the moment there is only one item for downloading among 9 versions - drupal 9.x-dev . Full link to Drupal 9 project - .


On this page, you can see that the publication date of the project is December 5, 2012, and it was updated on September 30, 2013. This means that the project has not been updated for a long time. But it's still worth seeing what's new in this version - click on any download link, after downloading, you need to unpack Drupal to the desired directory and start the system installation.

As for the wishes of users about Drupal 9 , they can be found there, on the official website. Let's see what we have at the moment, suggestions:

  • Move parts of robotstxt module into core - make an API for managing robots.txt, similar to the RobotsTxt project ( ).
  • Replace Symfony with Phalcon, the fastest php framework delivered as a c extension - replacing the Symfony framework with Phalcon ( ).
  • Add field grouping to core - make it possible to group fields, as in the Field Group project ( ).
  • Twig Filter - add Twig filter instead of PHP filter ( ).
  • Pathauto in Core - add the ability to generate clean URLs automatically so you don't have to install the Pathauto module ( ).
  • Killer feature: Fieldable Fields in core - make composite fields like in the Field collection module ( ).
  • Consider using Doctrine ORM for Entities - use Doctrine ORM for Entities ( ).
  • Decouple layouts from themes - add a layout constructor like in the Panels project ( ).
  • Add a CSS preprocessor library to core - add a CSS preprocessor library to the core ( ).
  • Refactor Render API to be OO - make object-oriented Render API ( ).
  • Automated JavaScript unit testing framework - make an automated JavaScript testing system ( ).
  • Add Swiftmailer to deprecate majority of our mail system - add Swiftmailer ( ).

So we looked at what will or may be new in Drupal 9 . While this list of innovations is very small, since all efforts are now directed to the development of Drupal 8, but over time this will change.

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