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How to register a VK page with a beautiful ID, find out the latest VK USER ID

This service allows you to find out the last registered VK user. This can be useful, for example, before registering a VK page with a beautiful digital identifier. Of course, you can always set a URL alias for the page, but having a nice ID might be more important for some.

It is enough to look at the last VK USER ID using this tool in advance and thus choose a beautiful identifier. If the proposed ID does not suit you, it is necessary to periodically observe which IDs are issued by the system at the moment, and thus, after waiting for a while, you can get a beautiful ID. When the ID approaches the desired one, it is important to quickly prepare the registration page and enter all the necessary data there - before the last step, look at the ID and press the final VK registration button - after which a VK page with an approximately calculated identifier will be created.

Please note that the number of account registrations per second may vary. Having roughly imagined how long it takes to reach a certain figure, you can get a beautiful ID, but for this you need to quickly register within a few seconds, otherwise the ID will be busy and you will receive a larger numeric ID than you wanted (or a smaller one if you press the final registration button too early ).


  • Currently, the average number of VK account registrations is ~ 2 accounts per second, the number of registrations per second varies depending on the time of day. Approximately, the ID is assigned by the system at the moment of pressing the confirmation button on the page for filling in personal data (full name, date of birth, gender, etc.);
  • data on the page of this service is updated in real time within 1 minute - after which it must be reloaded;
  • this service is not guaranteed as it depends on third party projects - sometimes the value "Error" may appear, in this case it is necessary try later. This is an experimental feature that the user uses at their own risk - all possible responsibility lies with the user.

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