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Why use jQuery library



jQuery Library is a unique tool that solves many problems in web development. Today it is used in most web projects and is being actively developed. It is designed to make development simple and easy, it is definitely worth trying to solve some problem on it, and perhaps you will no longer write in pure JS.

Unlike native JavaScript , this library is universal, which means that it decides for itself how to implement support for the functionality in different browsers. If in pure JS you need to write handlers for each browser, as well as check its browser support, then the library will do it itself here.

To use the functionality of the library, it is enough to connect it to the page once, and you can use the functions from it without any problems. You can use third-party CDN storages , or you can download the latest version, upload it to your hosting and connect it on the whole site. It is better to download the compressed version, so the library will load faster, which means that the speed of the entire site will be higher. Better, of course, use CDN , it will be faster and more convenient, use the official resources better.

The library is extremely easy to use, which means that there is no need to study for a long time, you can start developing almost immediately. Usually the code starts with $ or jQuery . Further, you can specify the name of the selector, id or class of the element in brackets - this is how the element will be found on the page, then you can apply any operations to it.

There are many advocates of using the library, but there are those who prefer to develop in pure JavaScript . It's up to you to decide whether to use the library or not, but it's really worth a try. This library, in fact, could become a standard for JS development. Many have suggested doing so, but so far this has not happened.

The library can be used not only on sites, but also on other projects where JavaScript is used . For example, when developing extensions, it is very convenient to connect a library and write code using the library, this is much more convenient and productive. There is no need to implement the various handlers that have been correctly implemented in this library for a long time.

Thus, the jQuery library is definitely useful when developing various web projects, every developer should try it. It solves many common problems and makes coding more productive.

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