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Complete list of HTML attributes with description

When developing sites, all kinds of tags with various attributes are actively used. What attributes are there in HTML ? This article provides a complete list of HTML attributes with description.


Title Description Tags
accept specifies a list of types that the server accepts form, input
accept-charset specifies a list of supported character sets form
accesskey defines a keyboard shortcut to activate or add focus to an element all
action sets the address that will process the data submitted through the form form
align sets the horizontal alignment of the element applet, caption, col, colgroup, hr, iframe, img, table, tbody, td, tfoot, td, tdead, tr
alt sets alternate text in case the image cannot be displayed applet, area, img, input
async indicates that the script should be executed asynchronously script
autocomplete indicates whether controls on a form can have their own autocomplete values ​​on a form by default form, input
autofocus sets focus on an element button, input, keygen, select, textarea
autoplay sets autoplay content audio, video
autosave specifies that the previous value should be saved in the dropdown list on page load input
bgcolor sets the background color of an element, use CSS instead body, col, colgroup, marquee, table, tbody, tfoot, td, th, tr
border specifies border, deprecated attribute, CSS should be used instead img, object, table
buffered contains the length of time already buffered by the media audio, video
challenge specifies the call string that is passed along with the public key keygen
charset sets content encoding meta, script
checked indicates whether the element should be flagged on page load command, input
cite specifies the source for the quote blockquote, del, ins, q
class sets the class for the element all
code specifies the URL of the applet to load and execute applet
codebase provides an absolute or relative directory address applet
color sets the color, CSS should be used instead basefont, font, hr
cols defines the number of columns textarea
colspan defines the range of the number of cell columns td, th
content sets the value, depends on the context meta
contenteditable indicates whether the content of the element is editable all
contextmenu defines the id of the menu element that will serve as the context menu of the element all
controls indicates whether to display control buttons audio, video
coords sets the coordinates of the area for the active area area
data specifies the resource address object
data- * allows you to attach custom attributes all
datetime indicates the date and time associated with the element del, ins, time
default sets the default track track
defer indicates that the script should be run after the page is loaded script
dir defines the direction of the text, allowed values: ltr, rtl all
dirname specifies a unique name for the text output direction value input, textarea
disabled turns off the element button, command, fieldset, input, keygen, optgroup, option, select, textarea
download indicates that the link is used to download a, area
draggable determines if the element can be dragged all
dropzone indicates that the element accepts the content of the element being dragged onto it all
enctype defines the content type for form data when using the post form
for sets the relationship between elements label, output
form specifies the form that owns the element button, fieldset, input, keygen, label, meter, object, output, progress, select, textarea
formaction specifies an element action overwriting the action specified on the form input, button
headers table header identifiers that apply to this element td, th
height sets the height of the element, for other tags use CSS canvas, embed, iframe, img, input, object, video
hidden hides the element all
high sets the lower bound of the upper range meter
href specifies the resource address a, area, base, link
hreflang sets the language of the resource a, area, link
http-equiv specifies heading equivalents meta
icon sets the picture that will represent the command command
id specifies the identifier all
ismap makes the image part of the server image map img
itemprop is used to add microdata dictionary properties to an element all
keytype indicates the type of generated key keygen
kind sets the look of the text track track
label indicates the readable title of the text track track
lang defines the language for the used element all
language defines the scripting language used in the element script
list sets a list of options input
loop sets whether to repeat tracks audio, bgsound, marquee, video
low sets the upper bound of the lower range meter
manifest sets the address of the cached document manifest html
max sets the maximum allowed value input, meter, progress
maxlength sets the maximum number of characters input, textarea
media sets a hint for tags a, area, link, source, style
method sets the method for sending data: post, get form
min sets the minimum acceptable value input, meter
multiple specifies multiple selection input (type email or file), select
name specifies the name of the element button, form, fieldset, iframe, input, keygen, object, output, select, textarea, map, meta, param
novalidate indicates that the form should not be validated form
open indicates whether to show details on page load details
optimum sets the optimal number meter
pattern specifies regular expression input
pattern specifies regular expression input
ping sets ping a, area
placeholder sets a hint input, textarea
poster sets the poster video
preload controls preload audio, video
pubdate sets the publication date time
radiogroup sets a group of radioelements command
readonly indicates whether the content of the elements can be edited input, textarea
rel specifies the relationship of the target to the link a, area, link
required indicates whether padding is required input, select, textarea
reversed instructs to display the list in descending order ol
rows sets the number of lines textarea
rowspan defines the number of table cell rows to be merged td, th
sandbox allows you to set a number of restrictions on the content loaded in the frame iframe
spellcheck controls the spell check permission all
scope links header cells and regular cells th
scoped sets the style to be applied only inside the parent element style
seamless specifies that the content of the frame should be displayed as if it were part of the document iframe
selected sets the value option
shape defines on the image the type of hotspot that serves as a link a, area
size sets the width of the element input, select
sizes sets the size of the icon link
span defines the number of columns to which the given characteristics will be applied col, colgroup
src specifies the address audio, embed, iframe, img, input, script, source, track, video
srcdoc sets the content of the frame directly in the attribute iframe
srclang sets the language track
srcset specifies a comma-separated list of one or more values ​​indicating the set of possible images to display in the browser img
start specifies the starting number ol
step sets the step for values ​​ input
style sets styles all
summary is for a short description of the table table
tabindex rewrites the order of focus when the tab is pressed all
target specifies where to open the document a, area, base, form
title sets the text that will be displayed in the tooltip when hovered over all
type specifies the type of element button, input, command, embed, object, script, source, style, menu
usemap links an image and an image map img, input, object
value sets the value button, option, input, li, meter, progress, param
width sets the width of the element, for other tags use CSS canvas, embed, iframe, img, input, object, video
wrap indicates whether the text should be wrapped textarea
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