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The kernel is the main type of system entity that powers all other parts of the system.

The kernel contains the following entities (their list may vary depending on the system version):

  • admin - provides administrative functions;
  • application - the main essence of the system, provides the necessary basic functionality;
  • container - container management;
  • content - content management;
  • database - database and query management;
  • field - field control;
  • form - forms management;
  • install - system installation management;
  • menu - menu and link management;
  • module - module management;
  • route - routing control;
  • search - search management;
  • taxonomy - taxonomy management;
  • theme - theme management;
  • translation - multilingual control;
  • user - user management;
  • utility - utility functionality (contains subentities: crypt - encryption management, symbol - provides functionality for working with symbols).
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