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What's new in Yandex - how to get new icons in search for your site

Not given Yandex has introduced a new indicator for sites - IKS instead of TIC . The updates did not end there, a number of new products from Yandex appeared. Let's take a quick look at what's new in Yandex at the moment and how to get new icons for your site in search.


What are icons for sites in Yandex search ? These are special marks next to the site that indicate the quality and popularity of the site - quality indicators.

While search is becoming more and more cluttered, icons should help search users get better results.

Among these icons:

  • official site - assigned to a site that represents an organization or person, and is directly related to the organization or is its representative. In addition, this icon can have different meanings: navigation response, verified profile, etc.;
  • popular site - assigned to sites with high traffic and stable traffic;
  • user choice - assigned to sites on which users perform many different actions, that is, actively fill out forms, subscribe, leave reviews, comments, etc.

How do I get badges for my site ? This is done automatically by the search engine, the owner of the site only has to improve the quality of his site in order to get one or another mark.

To get the first badge, it is enough for the site to be an official representative of a company. Accordingly, to get the badge of a popular site - it is necessary to increase its traffic. Well, in order to get the last badge, you need to involve visitors in performing different actions on the site. A well-designed and well-thought-out site interface will help with this.

All data on the quality of the site are available in the webmaster from Yandex ( - item " Quality indicators ". There you can track changes in the ICS and get more detailed advice on how to get the necessary icons.

All data on sites are constantly analyzed by special search algorithms and are periodically updated. If your site does not yet have such icons, do not be upset - it is possible that after effective work on the site, the icons will appear on it.

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