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The TIC indicator will disappear, it is being replaced by the site quality index - ICS

For a long time, one of the indicators of the success of sites was the TIC indicator - a thematic citation index. It was invented by Yandex and is essentially an analogue of the Pr indicator from Google. But now TIC will disappear , instead there will be XI . Therefore, do not be surprised that the TIC display will disappear in the webmaster's office from Yandex.


IKS stands for site quality index . Indeed, this name is more appropriate, because the most important thing for a site is its quality, and not just citing some of its parts on other resources.

Today, a number of various indicators , for example the following:

  • domain age;
  • usability of the site interface;
  • content quality;
  • the average time a user spends on the site;
  • source code validity;
  • usefulness of the site for the visitor;
  • minimum load time;
  • uniqueness.

Only some of the characteristics are given, in reality, much more characteristics are used to calculate the quality of the site.

Thus, the new indicator is designed to cover many criteria of the site's quality, which will make it possible to fully evaluate the site. This XI indicator will be calculated for each resource individually, and not just copy the previous TIC value.

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