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Website optimization for search engine promotion and for people

Website promotion is the most important topic. In fact, there is no point in creating a website without promotion, because simply developing a website gives practically nothing. Here we are talking about the impact of the site. The site should first of all recoup the expenses for its development , and then bring at least some income, for example, for payment for hosting . Of course, you can have a site for a hobby and sponsor it from your own funds, but it is much better if the site generates income .

Оптимизация сайта для продвижения в поиске Google

Therefore, the topic of promotion is so important, a well-promoted site will allow you to present information to many people, whether they are simply readers of your articles or potential buyers of goods or services. With low traffic there will be no desire to develop your site, you can only develop the site based on the goal that in the future the site will still become visited.

What does it take to be successful? It is important to correct website design , its optimization for search engines and people , as well as good and interesting content . Optimization is worth highlighting.

Optimization is a process in which work is carried out on the site aimed at improving it so that the project meets the established rules in the field of the web, the rules of search engines, etc. Where to start optimization? Main points:

  • It is important to add content to the site correctly, it must be unique , each material must have meta tags (at least keywords and description).
  • The site should have a system for automatic generation of sitemap - sitemap.xml . The sitemap will report all URLs on the site, it should only contain URLs allowed in robots.txt .
  • The rules must be clearly defined in the robots.txt file so that content that is inaccessible to outsiders is prohibited, and the desired content is allowed.
  • Be sure to write alt attribute for pictures, title for links.
  • Prohibit prohibited content on the site, ensure its automatic blocking and removal, so as not to incur various sanctions on the site.
  • Important words on pages should be highlighted in bold, use b or strong tags.
  • Post cross-references throughout the site.
  • Add a site and verify the rights to it in webmasters such as Google and Yandex . After that, you can quickly monitor the status of the site, add and remove new pages for quick indexing, and do much more.

The above are the basic methods for optimizing your site for search engines and users. It is important to understand that website promotion is a painstaking work that requires effort and money. The result will not be visible immediately, you need to constantly contribute to the development of the site, then after a while the desired result will appear - increase in positions in search engines, increase in traffic , increase in the return from the site.

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