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How to Increase Website Loading Speed ​​- Easy Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Website

The speed of a site is one of its main characteristics, because its traffic depends on how quickly the site loads. To increase the site loading speed , you will need to apply certain optimization methods that can speed up the site both slightly and an order of magnitude.


Moreover, website acceleration is a whole industry, a web development industry - which, although young, is actively developing. The importance of site speed is already evident - it is one of the factors of competition. Therefore, it is important to optimize the speed of your site and spare no investment in this area.

How to increase site speed ? Loading speed is the sum of several criteria, the following ways to speed up the site can be distinguished:

  • source code optimization - Typically, existing code can run faster if revised and simplified while retaining the same functionality. This work should be trusted only by an experienced specialist, since only with experience it becomes clear what techniques can be used to speed up the code;
  • shrinking database queries, the remaining queries should be optimized - significantly affects the site speed;
  • using faster DNS servers - the closer the server is to the site visitor, the higher the rate of return of the site address, which means the speed of opening the site will also increase;
  • using faster hosting, with faster server response is one of the most important factors;
  • using caching - can significantly speed up the site, but it is not always convenient to constantly reset the cache to update the content;
  • compress images and use jpg - very often recommended by Google's PageSpeed ​​Insights tool;
  • use faster devices - it all depends on the site visitor and his device, the more powerful it is, the higher the loading speed;
  • compression of styles and scripts, as well as their merging into one file - this feature is present in some CMS, for example, in Drupal ;
  • using light fonts - only really used fonts should be included, and unnecessary ones should be disabled;
  • enable the new version of the HTTP protocol - HTTP / 2 , it is designed to speed up the loading of sites.

So, we found out that the loading speed of the site greatly affects the success of the site as a whole. Increasing site speed is a separate area that requires investment. Above are some ways to increase site speed that you can apply to your site right now. It is important to entrust such work only to experienced professionals.

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