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How to make a free translation for a website without an API, translate documents in Google Translate

It may be necessary to translate a large number of string resources . For this, the Google Translate online translation service comes in handy. It is usually used to translate small pieces of text or even words alone. However, there is still a document translation mode, which will allow you to translate a large number of strings, after which you can import into the system .


The advantage of this approach is that you can download a large number of lines from the system and instantly perform a free translation. However, keep in mind that the Google Translate service has overload protection. It consists in the fact that when a certain number of translated characters is reached, the translator stops translating and leaves the lines untranslated.

In this case, it is necessary to reduce the number of characters in the file to about 20,000. This may also stop working, so you can periodically change the IP address, for example, simply disconnecting from the Internet and connecting (if the Internet is used via a wifi-access point of the phone, you can enable or disable airplane mode in the phone - IP is dynamically allocated to the SIM , and it will be different).

Thus, the system can organize free offline translation without real-time translation via a paid API. It is enough to collect strings using code, download them, translate them using third-party services and import them into the system.

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