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How to come up with and register a unique name - nickname, login, pseudonym, name, etc.

Every Internet user sooner or later faces the need to indicate the username on various resources. This is often required for registration or just to get some kind of data. But it is much more important to have a unique name when grows your business . The article will briefly discuss the topic of selection and registration of a nickname - a unique name.


When the form for filling appears, the user thinks about which nickname to specify. The field for filling in the username in different services can be called differently:

You can specify different nicknames for different services, but it is better to use one name for recognition. It's good if you already have a unique nickname, by which you can be easily recognized on different projects. If not, then you need to come up with one.


How to avoid mistakes when choosing a nickname ? There are situations when a nickname is free only on some services, but after a while it may turn out that the nickname has already been registered before you in other popular services. Then all the work on the promotion of the name may be in vain:


How to choose or come up with a unique nickname ? To do this, you need to use your imagination. Of course, you can use the nickname selection service , but this is unlikely to allow you to get a nice name, so it's worth a little thought. Nickname, as a rule, must be indicated in English, but it is worth considering that the nickname sounds good in Russian as well.

Some of your data can serve as a start for mentally composing a name:

When you already have some ideas about the future nickname, you can do the following:

  1. open the Google account login page and start typing the selected options in the name field - if an inscription is displayed that the name was not found, then the desired name is probably free;
  2. then it is necessary to check the name in search engines - Yandex and Google . If there is practically no mention of the invented nickname, then you can continue;
  3. it is worth to check whether or not there has been a previously registered domain name for this nickname, for this you can use the service . You need to check in all popular zones: com, net, org, ru, etc;
  4. there are also special resources that show in which services the nickname is busy and in which it is free. If all is well, then you can proceed to registering a nickname.


How to register a nickname ? First, register a mailbox with the desired nickname - everything before the @ sign will be your nickname. It is best to create a Google account, and then register in all services to the mailbox you received. What services should I register with? Here you should decide on your own, for example, you can in the following (highly recommended ones are highlighted in red):

After registering with the selected services, after a while it is necessary to maintain some activity in the accounts so that your account is not deleted, but this is not required everywhere. Also, if necessary, you can register a domain name for yourself in the required zone, for example, in international - com . Among the services listed above, there are also special services for registering a nickname, which issue a formal certificate. It doesn't really matter, but you can register there as well.

If Your business is developing successfully , you might think about the official registration of a name - a trademark or an international trademark . In this case, your name will be protected by law.

Thus, it is important to take seriously the procedure of selection and registration of a unique name , by which you will be recognized.

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