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Development of programs for PCs on QT and C plus plus

Sometimes, you need to develop a desktop program that will solve a problem. To do this, you need to understand programming, be a well-trained specialist. It is especially difficult to develop a program if you choose the wrong development tools.


Novice developers should understand that the language and other development tools are selected depending on the task at hand, and not from judgment, which tools are the most popular or which language is better. For example, there is often debate about which is better than C ++ or C # , QT or Visual Studio , etc. But experienced developers do not do this, because all languages ​​and tools are created to solve their problems, so you need to choose what is convenient for you.

I must say that most people start developing in Visual Studio, but this may be the wrong choice, as there is a lot of unnecessary things that can distract from development. In addition, it is better to develop development for all platforms at once, therefore it is optimal to use cross-platform tools . Among them, QT stands out - it includes everything that is needed for software development, including the library itself, IDE, documentation, various compilers, support for different platforms, including mobile ones.

If you are having trouble developing in one environment, then QT might be worth a try. It is not for nothing that many people praise this toolkit, everything is simple and logical in it, you just need to understand a little to get started, and you can write powerful programs in C ++. QT takes almost all the work of creating the interface on itself, that is, you do not need to write standard things, buttons, input fields, etc., there are just ready-made widgets. The developer only has to deal with his direct task, to implement the necessary logic for the operation of a C ++ program .

One has only to start, then everything will turn out by itself, any problem can be solved by searching for a solution on the Internet, most of the necessary tasks are often discussed on the forums. You can almost always find a solution to your problem, also thanks to the voluminous documentation, which reveals almost all aspects of correct QT development .

You can develop on QT for free by choosing an open license, you just need to download QT and start developing. After completing development, use the special console utility included in QT to build the application into the program package folder. It will copy all the necessary files, so that your program will work autonomously, on a PC that does not have QT and its libraries. Then, you can pack the resulting folder into a self-extracting SFX archive , assign an application icon to it - this way you will get one file, which, when clicked, will be unpacked to the desired temporary folder, and the program will be executed, after the program is closed - that's all temporary files will be instantly deleted. That is, you can do without installers and get one single executable exe file in this way.

As you can see, developing PC programs using QT toolkits is a fairly simple task, at the same time, you can quickly develop any desktop program with any functionality, because C ++ development works very quickly. The C ++ language is not so difficult, if you have any development skills in another language, then you can gradually learn to write in C ++.

Thus, QT is perhaps the best choice for fast and cross-platform development of almost any software, both for beginners and experienced programmers.

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