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Is it worth using a website builder, pros and cons

There are currently various ways to create a website. As a result, its quality depends on the choice of the method of creating a website. Usually, to make a high-quality website, you need to develop it yourself or seek help from specialists.


But today you can often see advertisements for various services that offer quick website creation in a constructor. Should you use a website builder ? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this approach.

Among the pluses are:

  • quick website creation;
  • free service;
  • no special knowledge and skills required;
  • no technical support required;
  • ready-made templates;
  • free domain, etc.

But now the most important thing, let's consider what are the disadvantages of creating sites in the constructor :

  • the site will not belong to you;
  • poor quality of the site - non-unique appearance and extremely limited functionality;
  • as a rule, the site will be hosted on a third-level domain;
  • having a website in a constructor is extremely undesirable for serious companies and projects;
  • intrusive ads may be displayed;
  • you cannot transfer the site to another hosting;
  • blocking the site by the administration without explaining the reasons and the possibility of recovery;
  • periodically there may be problems with loading the site and errors;
  • poor or no technical support;
  • additional functionality is provided for a fee only;
  • limit the number of pages;
  • difficulties in website promotion;
  • there is a certain risk of getting into the database of malicious resources, etc.

As you can see, there are much more minuses than pluses. This is obvious, because website builders are just trying to make money on their customers and often provide poor quality services.

Thus, in the article it was considered whether it is to make a site in a site builder or not. Of course, everyone should decide for themselves, you can try, but you shouldn't take such a site seriously.

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