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How to write your article and where to place it, editor of VK articles

Various information channels are widely developed in the modern world. The main content of such channels is various articles. Articles can be different - useful and not very interesting, and vice versa. Sometimes you may want to write your own article, try yourself as a writer.


How to do this, how to learn how to write articles ? First of all, writing an interesting and easy-to-read article requires experience . It comes gradually. The author must at least superficially understand what he is writing about. The article is born from the topic, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to mentally draw up a heading. After that, you can open the text editor and start writing. You can choose any text editor, for example, Microsoft Word.

How to start and not quit writing articles ? To do this, set yourself the goal of making one article every day. Prepare and place on the desktop a document template, in which the theme and the content itself are already framed, the necessary styles are set, and so on - so as not to be distracted from the writing itself. Article size can be any, as long as your imagination is enough. Optimal for beginners - half to full page. In general, you choose the format for yourself - you can write small notes (like tweets), or you can make detailed studies.

Why should you write articles ? Articles are very important for various sites, because their success mainly depends on the content posted on them. In other words, articles are content that can be sold or posted on their resources and receive income from this. If you enjoy the article writing activity, you might consider publishing your own book , which could be based on your previously written articles. You can also share articles on social networks with your subscribers and friends - they will be happy to evaluate your abilities in the form of likes and comments. Thus, it was considered where to post your articles :

  • your site or blog ;
  • social networks ;
  • your publication is a book or magazine .

Not so long ago, the social network VKontakte launched its editor of VK articles . Now you can quickly write an article right in the social network and immediately post it on the wall of your page, on the wall of a group or community. Placing VK articles will allow you to promote your VK account or group , because the articles will be searched, and at the top of each article there is a link to the source and a "Subscribe" button.


Thus, articles are endless opportunities to share your knowledge, experience or just temporary impressions and at the same time have a good opportunity to make money on your articles . To do this, it is enough to post articles on suitable resources.

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