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How to check the speed of a site on Drupal

Sometimes it is necessary to check a site for speed in order to understand how fast it loads. After all, its traffic and usability depend on how fast the site works.

How to check the speed of Drupal Site ? This can be done in the same way as checking the site speed on any other engine. You can use special tools that will show a detailed report. You can also use the browser's developer tools.

For example, in the Chrome browser, you can open the console by pressing the F12 button. Next, you need to go to the Network tab and refresh the page, you can press F5 . At the bottom, red will show the loading time of the open page of the site in seconds. What is normal website load time ? Average 4 seconds.


You can also use third-party services, for example, the popular service from Google - PageSpeed ​​Insights . It will show if the page is optimized for desktop and mobile. In addition, the service will show you tips for optimizing your site to reduce its load time.


Thus, using the tools indicated in the article, you can easily and quickly check site speed on any engine.

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