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New versions of Drupal - 7.60 and 8.6.2, elimination of found vulnerabilities SA-CORE-2018-006

Over time, any system may contain vulnerabilities found that were previously unknown. As practice shows, even the most secure system contains hidden security threats - the only question is the difficulty of finding them.


The Drupal system was no exception, new vulnerabilities were discovered in it. new versions of Drupal - 7.60 and 8.6.2 are already available to fix them. They fix multiple security threats, the system developers recommend installing these updates as soon as possible.

What's new in these versions of Drupal ? According to the information on the official website, only security threats were fixed in these versions. Accordingly, no innovations have been added.

What new vulnerabilities have been found in Drupal ? Below is a list of threats in Drupal versions prior to 7.60 and 8.6.2:

As you can see, the found new Drupal vulnerabilities are quite serious, therefore it is recommended install the proposed updates as soon as possible.

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