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How to make a user's balance on the site or his personal account

If the site actively sells goods or services, you can think about introducing your monetary system on the site - the user's balance or his personal account. This will allow you to easily control all transactions with funds and increase the convenience of users.


To make a personal account on the site will require some programming skills. The user's balance on his site is a kind of separate monetary system that works according to its own rules. The currency of such a system can be absolutely any, for example, instead of the usual rubles, you can use points and make it possible to pay with them.

How to make a user's balance on the site ? In any business, design is first of all necessary, so it is important to decide what functionality is needed. For the monetary system, you can implement basic monetary transactions and functions:

  • top-up using popular payment systems;
  • possibility of reverse withdrawal of funds;
  • maintaining the history of operations;
  • the ability to pay directly from the balance of the site;
  • displaying the balance status in your account or at the top of the site on all pages;
  • points and cashback.

When it is decided what functionality the site's monetary system should have, you can start implementing it.

Let's briefly consider the main technical aspects and principles of creating a user balance on the site :

  • you need to be able to register and login users to the site;
  • a new field is added to the database table where user data is stored;
  • similarly, fields for the rest of the functionality are created - storing history, the number of points, etc. Instead of all these logically combined fields, you can create one field that will store all the data in a serialized form;
  • it is necessary to develop a code that will implement operations of withdrawing from the balance, replenishment, payment, etc. Balance replenishment is implemented through the API of third-party monetary systems - when funds are transferred to the account of the site owner, a secure message about the transfer is sent to the site and the user's balance on the site is updated.

As you can see, the development of the monetary system on the site is quite a serious task that requires the right approach and security. If the skills and knowledge are not enough, it is better to entrust such work to developing user balance on the site to a specialist. This will avoid mistakes in design and implementation of the monetary system on the site, which in turn will get rid of security problems , potential losses and loss of clients.

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