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How to make voice messages on your site - a new way to interact with customers

Voice messages have been gaining in popularity lately. So far, such a function is mainly common in various messengers, but nothing prevents you from making such an opportunity on your site. This will allow visitors to instantly send their voice messages without the hassle of typing.


Some people don't understand what voice messages are . In short, these are small speech recordings that easily replace long text messages. Implementing such a function on your site will allow the visitor to easily contact the site owner or manager, and this, in turn, can increase sales from the site. This new way of interacting with customers is worth using now.

How to make voice messages on your site ? To do this, it is necessary to develop a special system, it can include various components, but have general principles:

A similar system can be made in the form Single Page SPA Application and then embedded in any site or even work offline without a site. The work of developing and embedding voice messages on the site is best left to a specialist. If you need to develop such a system, you can always leave a request on this site.

Thus, voice messages on your site are a new way to interact with customers that will help increase site conversions and sales. The article briefly discussed how to make voice messages on your site - or rather, the principles of building such a system.

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