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What meta tags to use, meta tag - its main meanings


Meta tags are used to set additional information about the site page. This information can be used by various services and programs - for example, search engines, browsers, as well as by the users themselves. It is important to correctly register the meta tags on the page - add the necessary ones and remove the ineffective and even harmful ones.

Meta tags are usually indicated in the head of the document, in the head tag. The meta tag has five main attributes:

Let's start with the simplest, the charset attribute. This attribute is easy to use, it is enough to write one line of code, as a result of which the required encoding will be set for the document:

  & lt; meta charset = "utf-8">  

The content attribute is clear, it is used to set content for other attributes. Consider the following attribute - http-equiv . There are quite a few possible values ​​for the attribute:

The next attribute is name . There are also many possible values ​​for the attribute, not all of them are used, but below is a list for your reference:

Having considered what meta tags are and their meanings, you can try to answer the question - which meta tags to use on the site. Most of the above values ​​are needed in specific situations; you should use only those tags that are really useful. For example, a minimal list of such tags might look like this:

  & lt; meta charset = "utf-8">
& lt; meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, initial-scale = 1.0">
& lt; meta name = "keywords" content = "keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3">
& lt; meta name = "description" content = "Description of the page, the recommended size is from 70 to 140 characters, and the maximum processed size is 400">

The first tag in this example is for specifying the page encoding, the second for managing display on mobile devices, the third for specifying keywords, and the fourth for specifying a description.

The article covered various meta tags and their main meanings, for each project it is worth choosing the right tags based on your specific needs.

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