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Application development for Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 applications are currently in great demand. This became possible due to the high popularity of the Bitrix 24 service itself. This service is also called CRM-system , it provides a ready-made environment for your company. In such an environment, you can manage users, set tasks for them, keep track of time, communicate with other users, etc. The functionality is huge, in the basic configuration it is possible to solve enough current problems of the company, if not all. To expand the functionality, you can use applications for this system. The screenshot below shows an example of a simple application that allows you to upload files to the portal disk.

Разработка приложений для Битрикс 24 - диск

Application development will not pose any particular difficulties if the user has some basic programming skills. There is quite extensive documentation available, which describes all the main points, examples are given. You just need to start developing, everything will become clear in the process. I must say that it is not necessary to become a partner and place applications on the marketplace; for your own purposes, you can add local applications to the portal. How to do it? Go to the application section, then at the top click add application , then select for personal use .

Разработка приложений для Битрикс 24 - добавить

A page will open where you will need to provide some information about the application. You can fill in only the basic fields and proceed further. Required fields are indicated with asterisks.

Give any name, specify at least one value for the menu item and select the rights that your application needs. Usually you need to put the following: users, disk, tasks , etc. You can edit the application settings later after adding. The most important thing is to provide a link to the application or download it in the archive. It is better to place on your server and provide a link.

Разработка приложений для Битрикс 24 - настройки

After installation, the application can be launched by selecting it in the top bar on the applications page. Now that the application has been added to the portal, go to your remote server that you specified and edit the main page, usually index.php. It is possible to write a small application on the server that will route requests from this file to other files.

In the main file on the server, you need to write the logic in PHP . You need to start by creating authorization methods. Each time an application is opened in the portal, an array of information is sent to the server, which contains keys and other information for making remote requests to REST API Bitrix . Look at the $ _REQUEST array - there are various data, the purpose of which can be easily read in the official documentation on the Bitrix website.

When the authorization method is ready, you can proceed further. You don't need to use REST API calls, you may need to organize output from some other source. In any case, the server must return data, which will eventually be displayed in the application on the portal. This is the first application request to your server, further requests must be sent via Javascript using Ajax .

There are a lot of applications for applications, for example, you can organize the uploading of photos by employees to the portal disk in a strictly defined structure ( first screenshot in this article), you can write an application that will count the hours spent on tasks by months etc. If you need help, please contact, just leave a request or email.

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