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Creation of a dynamic CRM-form Bitrix 24 for the sale of goods and services

Each owner of the Bitrix 24 portal has the opportunity to easily organize the sale of goods without creating an online store. It's enough to create a CRM form and make some settings.

Динамическая CRM-форма Битрикс 24 для продажи товаров и услуг

The process of adding a form is simple, so we will not stop there. You can also use one of the predefined shapes. Form management is available on the page: https: // your-portal-name / crm / webform / . Further in the article, relative addresses will be used, assuming substitution at the beginning of the address of the following construction: https: // your-portal-name / .

Add products on the page: / crm / product / . Next, set the required properties for the products at: / crm / configs / productprops / . When everything is ready, you can move on to the next steps.

Товары Битрикс 24

To make a form dynamic , without any restrictions, you need to place it on your site, or if you do not have a site, you can create a free Bitrix 24 site and place previously prepared form there. This article will cover the latter case.

The form can be placed in various ways, you can copy the integration code offered on the portal, you can add it to the site as a Bitrix 24 site block, etc. But to fully control the form, including inserting content into the form, for example via AJAX, you need to be able to access the form elements via Javascript. Therefore, the best way would be to simply copy the source code of the form, make small changes, removing all unnecessary (css, javascript files, etc.). Namely, a custom block will be created and placed on the Bitrix 24 site via the REST API, the content of which will be the layout of the CRM form.

After the CRM form has been created, product properties have been added and configured , the Bitrix 24 site has been created, a block has been created, the content of which is the layout of the CRM form, you can proceed to dynamically manage the content of the form.

For this, a js-file must be included in the block, which will send a post-request via ajax to your server, and from where the content for your form elements will be returned, for example, the option for select . Write a handler for the change event for the required select field, as soon as the product category changes, for example, you need to send a request to your server with the id of the selected category, and it should return a list of products from the selected categories. Once the server has returned the data, write it down in the required field. Similarly for all other fields: write an event handler for the form, send information to the server, there, based on this information, you can make remote requests to the REST API using the CURL library in PHP language, then return the response and write the answer to the right place on the form using javascript. The server can be any of your servers, on which you make requests to your portal using the REST API of Bitrix . For example, you get a list of products and their properties. In this way, you can also filter products in the form. Additionally, you can connect external css-style files to the block to control the appearance of the form.

Since the form was created by hand, you need to remember to make the submit event handler for the form. When you click send, implement API requests on your server that create from the received data, for example, a deal, lead or contact , well, or all together.

Thus, dynamic CRM-form is ready ! Now you can place it anywhere and sell your goods and services, all applications will instantly appear on your Bitrix 24 portal, where you can quickly process them. If you need help or have any questions, please contact.

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