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Management of menus and links is provided by the "Menu" entity. The functionality of creating the menu itself is available, as well as links in each such menu.

As you can see, the following information and controls are available on the main menu management page (/admin/menu):


  • Add - create a new menu;
  • ID - menu ID;
  • Name - menu name;
  • Number of links - how many links are in the menu;
  • Actions - view links and remove menus.

The page for adding a menu is shown below, you must specify the name of the menu (/admin/menu/add):


The page for managing links of the selected menu, you must specify the name of the menu (/admin/menu/routes/*, where * is the menu ID):


  • Add - create a new link in the menu;
  • Menu - return to menu list;
  • ID - link ID in the menu;
  • Title - title of the link;
  • Link - link address;
  • Actions - change and delete the link.

Add or edit link page (/admin/menu/routes/*/add, where * is the menu ID and /admin/menu/routes/edit/* , where * is the link ID):


  • Title - title of the link;
  • Link - link address;
  • Parent - the parent element of the link.

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