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What are broken links on the site - how to find, fix or remove them

Any site consists of pages on which various hyperlinks (links) to other pages or resources can be placed. When a site owner posts links, he most likely does not even suspect that any link posted may subsequently turn out to be a broken link.


Briefly about hyperlinks. Why are links on websites called hyperlinks ? It's simple, sites are composed of hypertext documents, hence the names of the links. Or rather, on the contrary, documents began to be called hypertext documents due to the presence of links - cross-references. In English, links are called hyperlink (translation - over or hyperlink).

What are broken links on the site ? These are broken links that lead to non-existent pages. Even if the link is currently working, this does not guarantee that it will not be broken.

Why do links get broken or broken ? This happens because any document or resource to which the link leads can stop working at any time, or its address can be deleted or changed. As a result, previously posted links to such documents or resources become broken.

How to find broken links on the site ? You can, of course, search manually, but if there are many pages on the site, then it will be inappropriate. Therefore, it is worth using special services. Broken links search services can be found on the Internet or you can use special programs.

How to fix broken links ? To do this, it is enough to first get a list of such links and replace the addresses with working ones. You can also simply remove broken links on the site by simply editing the content of the pages.

Thus, maintaining a site up to date implies the presence of only working links on it and the absence of broken ones. This has a positive effect on site promotion in search.

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