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How to organize remote work or distance learning


If earlier the process of using new technologies for organizing work or learning via the Internet went systematically, then with the advent of the global epidemic and widespread self-isolation, the integration of advanced technologies has significantly accelerated. Modern technologies have begun to be applied even where leaders of organizations previously preferred to organize the work of their employees in the office, without remote work tools.

What is required for effective and correct organization of remote work ? To do this, first of all, it is necessary for each head of his company to draw up a plan of what kind of work can be submitted for remote service. Naturally, not all employees can be transferred to this form of functioning, since for some areas of activity, the presence of an employee in the shop or office is mandatory. Still, the vast majority of workers can easily be transferred online .

For the efficient and effective functioning of its contingent of employees, a set of tools is needed to track their work. Such a complex can consist of a variety of components, so universal solutions are hardly possible to find ready-made. In this case, you can always turn to the developers for help and order the development of a system for organization of remote work or distance learning in such a way that it fully meets all the requests and needs of a particular organization.

The simplest solution may be your own website, on the basis of which it is possible to deploy a subsystem for remote work of employees. Such a subsystem can, in turn, consist of a variety of components, for example, the following parts:

  • create and manage employee accounts;
  • analysis of the work of employees, who did what, when was in the system;
  • various useful tools for easy client management;
  • generation of various documents based on templates;
  • automatic control over new orders;
  • instant communication without leaving the system;
  • convenient training mechanisms for employees / trainees including testing, etc.

As you can see, the opportunities are vast, it is impossible to list all the opportunities that modern technologies provide for leaders of organizations and for their employees / clients.

Of course, you can use ready-made systems, like CRM , but they are not universal. Most likely, you will need not only constant payment for a license, but also functional improvements to fit your needs. To create the ideal teleworking tool or distance learning, it is best to consider developing your own system.

Thus, modern information technology allows you to create any necessary services for effective remote work or training . This practice can take root after the end of the epidemic, which can be very beneficial for the organization. It is difficult and may not be profitable to select software (software) for remote work or training for specific needs, so it is best to order the development of an individual software package from the developer.

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