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How to properly close a site and domain if it is no longer needed

Over time, someone has new ideas for new projects - and he opens new sites and registers domains , and someone, on the contrary, closes their projects. Unfortunately, even a once successful project can become irrelevant and be liquidated.


Many users believe that it is enough just to stop using the site, not to renew the domain and it will automatically close . But this is not quite the correct way to close a project. After all, in this case, all your efforts to promote the domain will go to strangers.

As soon as the domain registration period expires (even with modest indicators), outsiders automatically register it and post links to their projects at this address or simply post information about the sale of the domain. Thus, anyone can register an expired domain and benefit from your domain. And if it is promoted, then even more so.

In addition, bad content may be shown at your domain address and this may discredit Your name . Especially if your domain had your initials and other data (name, surname, etc.) in the name.

In this case, the question arises, how to properly close the site or domain ? Unfortunately, currently there is no easy way if the domain is abandoned - anyone can become its owner. But there are still a few guidelines.

The less attractive a domain is, the less chance of domain re-registration . Therefore, before closing the domain, you can remove all useful content in advance and try to make it so that the search engines blacklisted and impose restrictions. Or, you can not skimp on renewing a domain if the amount is small and renew it for some time until all of its indicators come to naught.

But there may still be links to such a domain on third-party resources, so it may also be in demand, in which case you will either have to renew the domain periodically so that no one gets it, or put up with it and let someone else register this domain.

Thus, it is best to not abandon your projects and try to develop them further. Another option is to stop renewing the domain, but at the same time it is important to understand that all your efforts will go to outsiders, as well as the fact that someone will still remember your website address and visit it after a while, and inappropriate content may already be posted there. .

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