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How to speed up the indexing of pages in Google and Yandex, sending a sitemap to a search engine

After writing an article or several articles, the resulting content is posted on the site. For this, as a rule, new website pages are created. In order for the written content to begin to be useful, it is necessary that it be indexed by search engines. This may take some time.

How to speed up the indexing of pages in Google and Yandex ? Below are the methods for these two search engines, as they are the most popular.

First of all, it is necessary that the site has a up-to-date sitemap - file sitemap.xml . It should contain all the pages of the site to be indexed, including the newly created pages.

To submit Sitemap file on Google, you need to have access to the Search Console tool. Once in the console, select "Crawl" on the left, and then "Sitemaps". A page will open where you can add or remove a sitemap. Select the previously added one and click on the red button at the top right "SEND AGAIN". As a result, the sitemap.xml file will be sent to the search engine for re-indexing.


For a search engine from Yandex, the actions are similar. You must have access to the Yandex.Webmaster tool. Select Indexing on the left, then Sitemaps. On the page that opens, you can add or delete a sitemap file. Next, select the desired file and click on the update icon, so you can send the Sitemap file for crawling for the Yandex search engine. There is a limit on the number of attempts to send a file within a certain period, but this is not essential.


This way, you can quickly submit updated Sitemap files to the desired search engine. This will speed up the indexing of new pages of the site.

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