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How to show long text in select and option without abbreviations, Select2 - improved lists

Often there is a need to place an element on a site page to select a value from a list. The values ​​in such a list can have long names and it may be necessary that they be displayed without abbreviations. This problem cannot be solved by standard means of simple select , but it is possible to solve it in other ways.

So how to show long text in select and option ? To do this, you can use list emulation using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Or you can use a ready-made tool, for example the plugin Select2 .


Select2 is a plugin for jQuery Libraries , which has rich capabilities for creating improved lists. Some of its features are worth highlighting:

You can download the plugin from the official website, where you can also find instructions for connecting and configuring. To change the look of the list, simply apply CSS styles . This plugin makes it a breeze to create improved lists.

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