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Transliteration, translation or Cyrillic in domain names and in URL addresses - what to use

Addresses on the Internet play an important role, so they should look as attractive as possible and be easy to use. Especially important think of a domain name correctly , because if the addresses can still be changed at any time without any significant losses, then changing the domain is an undesirable operation that will inevitably affect the site traffic and its conversion. < / p>


There are several options for what to use in the domain name and in other addresses - transliteration, translation or Cyrillic in the URL . Unfortunately, not all users immediately choose the right option, as a result of which they have to redo a significant part of the addresses or, worse, stop working on their project or start from scratch. A particularly important question worth answering is whether it is worth using Cyrillic in domain names and in other URLs?

In order to understand what to use in the URL, you must first decide how the URLs should look like and where they will be used, and then choose the most suitable option. Let's briefly consider the main advantages and disadvantages of transliteration, translation and Cyrillic :

Thus, it is best to use transliteration or translation in a URL - it will save you a lot of inconvenience and potential problems. It is not recommended to use the Cyrillic alphabet in the URL due to the frequent need to encode it in Punycode.

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