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How to buy or renew a domain for several years in advance, what is domain auto-renewal

When a new site needs to be created, in most cases a new domain is registered. At the time of registration, an amount is paid for using the domain for a certain period - the period may differ for different domain zones. Usually this period is 1 year, then the domain requires renewal.


How to buy or renew a domain for several years in advance

Registering and renewing domains, as mentioned above, is usually possible only for a year in advance - this is the minimum period for registering and renewing a domain. However, for a number of zones, mainly international, it is possible to renew the domain for several years in advance, the maximum term varies. Examples of domain registration periods:

  • .ru, .рф - minimum and maximum period of 1 year;
  • .com, .net - minimum 1 year, maximum 10 years.

It is important to understand that, although the ranking of the site is affected by the domain registration period , this term refers to the domain's age, that is, how much time has passed since its registration, and not how many years in advance domain.

When can a domain be renewed and what will happen if not renewed

Usually, a domain can be renewed in advance, but not earlier than 2 months prior to the expiration date. Registrars inform about the need to renew the domain in the form of email notifications or in the web interface of the domain control panel.

If you do not renew the domain before the expiration of its registration period, then its delegation will be suspended. After that, it will become impossible to carry out any operations with the domain name, except for the renewal. There will be approximately 30 days left for renewal, depending on the zone in which the domain was registered. If the domain is not renewed further , then the domain registration will be canceled and the domain will be released. As a rule, the domain is likely to be instantly intercepted and registered by other persons. After all, from this drop-domain you can make a profit.

Domain Auto Renewal

You can turn on auto-renewal so that you don't accidentally forget to renew your domain. This option is available with most registrars. It works simply - when the registration time comes, there should be enough funds on the balance to renew the domain, in which case they will be automatically written off and the domain will be renewed for the next period. In this case, the situation when the domain is forgotten to be renewed is not a problem.

Domain renewal is more expensive than registration

Many registrars practice a customer acquisition scheme, which consists in the fact that they provide an opportunity to register a domain at a reduced price, but later it turns out that the domain will have to be renewed at a higher price. Domain renewal is more expensive than registration - this is such a marketing ploy, so before registering a domain, you need to pay attention to the cost of domain renewal. But this does not guarantee that the price will not be increased later.

Sometimes the question arises, where can I renew my domain ? Since a domain is registered with a domain registrar, it is worth renewing it in the same place. But you can transfer the domain to another registrar, this is possible if the domain was registered with real data.

Briefly summarize:

  • you can buy or renew a domain for several years in advance if it is registered in the international zone;
  • you can renew the domain in advance, this operation is available at the registrar;
  • if the domain is not renewed in time, it will be released;
  • it is possible and recommended to enable domain auto-renewal, in this case the risk of domain loss will be reduced.

Thus, the article covered the main issues related to by purchasing and renewing domains.

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