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Creation of a mobile application for a site or from a site

Mobile applications are very popular nowadays. You can create them for various purposes. Applications developed on the basis of data received from sites are very common - the so-called client applications for the site. Such applications usually consist of two parts - Rest API of the site and the mobile application itself. To create such an application, it is desirable to have basic mobile application development skills.


All data will be taken from the site, so you must first implement a special Rest API on the site. It will provide the necessary data when receiving a request from a mobile application. Such a request can usually contain the name of the method called in the Rest API, an access token for security, as well as additional data. Additional data can be various information about the settings selected by the user of the application and other parameters that are accepted by the called method in the Rest API.

When the Rest API is ready, you can directly start implementing the mobile application for the site . The easiest way is to start developing for one specific platform, for example, for Google Android . To do this, you need to download a special Android Studio program. Next, create a new project in it and implement the basic application interface.

From the application itself, you basically only need the functionality of getting data from the site. This is implemented by a special library capable of making remote requests to sites and other resources on the network. It is better to use POST requests, in rare cases you can use GET as well. It is also necessary to implement the logic for handling user clicks on interface elements. For example, if he selected a menu item, you need to associate this event with sending data to the site, and display the received response to the user.

Thus, we have considered a brief structure of the development process, this will help to implement creating a mobile application for the site .

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