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Blocked mail sending due to spam, how to bypass mail blocking

Several sites can be hosted on one hosting account. If a problem occurs on one of the sites, other sites on this hosting may also be at risk. In the event of a virus infection, other sites can be easily hacked, or if a large number of spam emails are sent on a site, the function of sending mail for all sites on this hosting may be blocked.


Why is sending mail blocked on the hosting ? You can identify the culprit, due to which the blocking occurred, using the mail sending logs. The script that sent the letters is marked with the line " X-PHP-Originating-Script ". Having received the name of the script, it is enough to find files with such names on the hosting - you can use SSH and the find command: find -name script-name.php . All files with full addresses will be shown - this way you can determine to which site the file belongs. Accordingly, this site will be the reason for blocking mail.

How to unblock sending mail on hosting ? It is enough to fix the problems that caused the spam mailing. For example, check and protect all forms on the site, check the site for viruses and to treat and update the entire system, etc. After that, you can write to the hosting technical support with a request to unblock your mail.

How to bypass mail blocking on hosting if the mail () function is blocked ? While the mail is blocked, important notifications from the site may be missed, for example, notification of applications. Of course, it is better not to rely only on mail, you should store all received applications in database . You can also implement sending mail through a site located on another hosting. This will be your backup channel for receiving mail from another site.

For implementation, it is enough to make a functionality on the source site that will send data to another site, for example, in a serialized form. On the receiving site, select a special address where data will be received. After receiving the data, the function of sending mail from this site will be launched, on which the function of sending mail is not blocked. This functionality can be part of Rest Site API . In this simple way, you can send mail through a site located on another hosting . As a result, we get a backup channel for delivering notifications from the site, so mail blocking is no longer scary.

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