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The modern world is constantly changing, there is a development of various technologies - it is worth talking about it. This section contains articles by category that cover all sorts of topics. Select the category of interest, after which a list of articles will be shown. Below the tags, there is a list of all articles published on the site. You can read about something new, as well as find solutions to current problems.

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06.06.18IT / Drupal 2179
For the development of sites, as a rule, ready-made content management systems ( CMS ) are used. All the rest of the necessary functionality...
05.06.18IT / Drupal 2447
Recently there was a mass hacking of sites on CMS Drupal (up to 7.58). This became possible due to a vulnerability in the system itself, which d...
05.06.18IT / Rest API 2815
Often there is a task of centralized data processing, and this data must be accessible from any place and from any device. In this case, the site ...
03.06.18IT / Database 2973
Everyone who runs their business should have a customer database. There he can add new clients and modify existing ones. Previously, customer data...
02.06.18IT / Safety 1889
Sometimes a situation may arise when the site starts to work differently than before, some oddities in its work become noticeable. This could be a...
16.04.18IT / 1C-Bitrix 3037
Bitrix 24 applications are currently in great demand. This became possible due to the high popularity of the Bitrix 24 service itself. This servic...
16.04.18IT / Html 2215
HTML has been around for a long time. Thanks to this language, the emergence of many Internet sites has become possible. The abbreviation HTML s...
14.04.18IT / SEO 2041
Website promotion is the most important topic. In fact, there is no point in creating a website without promotion, because simply developing a web...
14.04.18IT / PHP 2412
When developing, it is often required to indicate in the code any values ​​of variables containing Russian or English text. This text can be calle...
12.04.18IT / Android 1816
Development for Android is currently a promising area of ​​work for IT professionals, and it may also be of interest to anyone who wants to unders...
12.04.18IT / Misc 2247
Sometimes there is an urgent need to fix any error in the operation of a PC or other device. You can solve this problem yourself if you understand...
10.04.18IT / 1C-Bitrix 6862
Each owner of the Bitrix 24 portal has the opportunity to easily organize the sale of goods without creating an online store. It's enough to crea...
20.03.18IT / 1C-Bitrix 3022
1C-Bitrix recently introduced a new software product - Bitrix24 sites . Now anyone can create their own website in just a few minutes by selectin...
10.11.17IT / PHP 2555
The concept of a namespace has long been present in many popular programming languages. Finally, starting with version 5.3, this feature has b...
29.05.16IT / PHP 3595
Version 5.4 of PHP brings many useful new features, including the declaration of arrays in square brackets. Many developers will love this inn...
24.07.14IT / SEO 7265
What is the semantic core of the site? Why is it important to develop it correctly, to collect only the most necessary keywords? After creating...
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