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The modern world is constantly changing, there is a development of various technologies - it is worth talking about it. This section contains articles by category that cover all sorts of topics. Select the category of interest, after which a list of articles will be shown. Below the tags, there is a list of all articles published on the site. You can read about something new, as well as find solutions to current problems.

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09.07.22IT / Misc 2015
Name: Atransform 1.0 (MS Windows) Description: The program allows you to automatically, quickly and losslessly convert any number ...
07.07.22IT / Safety 4658
Sometimes it is necessary to hide the source code from view and easy analysis by outsiders. Most often, this applies to non-compiled programming la...
06.07.22IT / Safety 6115
If a warning appears with a red icon when entering the site "The connection is not secure, the certificate has expired" - then the reason may be th...
08.07.21IT / Misc 3025
It may be necessary to translate a large number of string resources . For this, the Google Translate online translation service comes in handy. I...
06.07.21IT / Misc 4915
The site often contains a form with a subscribe button for site news. This helps to create a subscriber base and have follow-up contacts with th...
04.07.21IT / Misc 3908
Caching is an integral part of any modern system. It helps to get rid of unnecessary operations, and instead use ready-made, once calculated resul...
03.07.21IT / Database 5317
Almost any site or web application processes various data, such data can be of very different sizes. It is generally accepted to store data in da...
02.07.21IT / Database 22760
When setting up a connection to a database (DB), it may be difficult to select the database encoding . Usually, a whole list of encodings is offe...
02.07.21IT / Database 2162
Selecting data from the database (DB) is a normal part of the work of any modern application. In most cases, it is sufficient to retrieve data i...
30.06.21IT / JavaScript 2345
JavaScript initially allows you to write code in a fairly simple mode, which can lead to various implicit errors and security issues . With the e...
23.06.21IT / PHP 2382
Language PHP for during its existence, it has gone through the path of improvement, becoming from a simple language for building web pages to a ...
23.06.21IT / JavaScript 1586
JavaScript allows you to declare variables in a variety of ways. This language is being improved just like everything else in the IT field. The ab...
22.06.21IT / Misc 1797
Usually the site is developed for one specific language and is hosted on the domain in the national zone - ru, en, de , etc. However, later it be...
20.06.21IT / Html 2761
Users often share links to various web pages, but sometimes you need to focus on a specific place on the page. Link to a piece of text may be ne...
18.06.21IT / SEO 1806
Some time ago, sites began to be evaluated by search engines for all sorts of criteria and Quality Score . One such metric is CLS (Cumulative Lay...
17.06.21IT / Safety 4092
Google Cohorts are just groups that are formed according to certain preferences. In contrast to the orientation for one user, it is much easier ...
16.06.21IT / Misc 9894
In order to improve the security of web resources, new technologies and development tools periodically appear. The appearance of the attribute Sa...
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26.04.21IT / Misc 17956
This service allows you to find out the last registered VK user. This can be useful, for example, before registering a VK page with a beautiful dig...
04.06.20IT / Misc 2600
The site may need to be transferred at any time to another tariff or hosting. For this, technical support is often involved, but it may refuse or r...
03.06.20IT / Misc 2636
Choosing a hosting plan can be a daunting task for some users, as they may not know how much resources a site needs . Often, the provider offers ...
02.06.20IT / Misc 2783
When the site is developed, it remains to choose a hosting and decide on the type of hosting tariffs. Each provider usually provides a ch...
01.06.20IT / Misc 2733
The view counter can be very useful on a wide variety of sites. It allows the visitor to understand how popular the material is and how many peopl...
10.05.20IT / Misc 4252
When writing program code, it is often necessary to come up with many different names for all kinds of entities in programming (examples in this a...
09.05.20IT / Misc 2869
Often site owners do not think about how to properly store content for a site, they write it directly on the site in a visual editor. However, thi...
08.05.20IT / Drupal 1723
1. Install the required modules, they are available on the official Drupal website - Modules are ...
07.05.20IT / Drupal 2113
1. Download local hosting so that you can develop and test the site on your computer (PC). You can download the most convenient, popular and fre...
06.05.20IT / Misc 1805
If earlier the process of using new technologies for organizing work or learning via the Internet went systematically, then with the advent ...
20.10.19IT / Database 2480
There are times when a site is developed on local hosting and is ready to be transferred to a working hosting, however, on a working hosting, dela...
01.02.19IT / Database 3826
What is phpMyAdmin? This is a web application that allows you to work with databases (DB) MySQL through a user-friendly interface. In fact, it e...
30.01.19IT / Domains 2105
Often, site owners believe that an SSL security certificate for a domain is inextricably linked to hosting, and that you need to buy it in the sam...
28.01.19IT / Misc 13853
Websites are hosted on a network, usually on rented hosting. But you must always have a copy of the site on your local PC for reliability. From su...
26.01.19IT / 1C-Bitrix 4423
Bitrix 24 provides many functions for solving everyday tasks. However, programming of new functionality for this CRM is often required. Especially...
24.01.19IT / Misc 1963
Educational management systems are gaining popularity today. If earlier all reports were stored in paper form, then with the widespread introducti...
22.01.19IT / Database 5785
Modern software systems are diverse - different data structures and formats are used. But be that as it may, the data in such systems is of great ...
17.12.18IT / Html 17412
Sometimes you need to make sure that the visitor not only goes to the page, but also gets to a certain place. This is done using HTML anchors . ...
15.12.18IT / Safety 3641
Information is distributed by copying, downloading a file is also copying. Sometimes errors can occur during the copy process, due to which the co...
13.12.18IT / Misc 41420
You can often hear about the use of network ports, but not everyone understands what it is. What ports are for an ordinary user can not immediatel...
11.12.18IT / Safety 2311
If there are doubts about the safety of the visited resource on the network, you can always use online virus scanners. The advantage of such servi...
09.12.18IT / Safety 2873
Sometimes it is required to check the site for viruses, for this many use various means in this area. But they are often ineffective, and can even...
07.12.18IT / PHP 7951
When your site starts to fill up with content, you may soon find that images from your site are being used on third-party sites without permission...
05.12.18IT / JavaScript 15484
Typically a server-side language is used to work with headers, but you can also try JavaScript (JS). How to send HTTP request headers ...
03.12.18IT / PHP 6437
HTTP headers are very important for the exchange of information between the browser and the server. They are of two types - request headers and re...
01.12.18IT / PHP 9841
HTTP headers are almost always sent on every request for any web page. They allow you to tell the browser or another client information about the ...
30.11.18IT / Safety 14048
It may be necessary to test the operation of a web application or site via HTTPS, especially for developing sites on a local PC. Moreover, at pres...
29.11.18IT / Safety 11305
After the general introduction of the HTTPS protocol, it became necessary in some way to redirect site visitors to open pages through this protoco...
28.11.18IT / Misc 27982
Sometimes it happens that you need to watch a video, but the programs for viewing the video on the device do not work or do not play this particul...
27.11.18IT / Misc 4262
It is often necessary to make changes to the site, and sometimes it is necessary to do this promptly and without any delay. Well, if the hosting i...
26.11.18IT / Misc 2265
It is often required to display long content on a page, and this can be done in different ways. So content can be anything you like - plain text...
25.11.18IT / Misc 2779
Cookies or cookies (pronounced cookies, translated as cookies) are small files in the browser that are capable of storing text data. This is a use...
24.11.18IT / SEO 1928
Not given Yandex has introduced a new indicator for sites - IKS instead of TIC . The updates did not end there, a number of new products from Yan...
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