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The modern world is constantly changing, there is a development of various technologies - it is worth talking about it. This section contains articles by category that cover all sorts of topics. Select the category of interest, after which a list of articles will be shown. Below the tags, there is a list of all articles published on the site. You can read about something new, as well as find solutions to current problems.

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20.07.18IT / Drupal 3544
When implementing various functionality in Drupal, you may need to perform long operations. Anything can be such operations, for example, mass upd...
19.07.18IT / Drupal 12153
Currently, the main forces are directed to the development of Drupal 8, but the development of Drupal 9 is also proceeding, albeit slowly. Everyon...
18.07.18IT / CSS 2787
When developing a site, CSS cascading style sheets are actively used. They use various units of measurement, including pixels, percentages, ...
17.07.18IT / PHP 3904
You have to work with arrays in any programming language; PHP has a number of special functions for conveniently working with arrays. Arrays...
16.07.18IT / PHP 5221
Often, when developing a web application or site, it is necessary to work with text resources. As a rule, the text has its own encoding, so ...
15.07.18IT / CSS 3388
When developing a project design, there are times when it is necessary to create a gradient on the site , that is, a smooth transition of color f...
14.07.18IT / CSS 22084
When laying out the pages of the site, the elements are placed in a certain order, indents are made between them, both vertical and horizont...
13.07.18IT / Html 9698
When developing a site, usually there is a need to send certain data to the server, today the most popular request methods for sending such ...
12.07.18IT / Html 3707
Forms are widely used on any site. Thanks to this tool, it became possible to send various data from the user to the server, where you can process...
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11.07.18IT / CSS 4119
When laying out pages, it is often necessary to align the content of an element in the middle, both horizontally and vertically. While horizontal ...
10.07.18IT / PHP 20785
A site today is not just a page, but in most cases a whole system for processing and generating various data. It is often necessary to display dat...
09.07.18IT / CSS 14466
Modern browsers contain their own basic CSS styles for many elements, you can notice this by opening the developer console and hovering over any e...
08.07.18IT / 1C-Bitrix 9232
Bitrix is ​​a paid CMS, which means that you need to purchase a license to use the system. It is best to purchase a key in advance so that there a...
07.07.18IT / Drupal 2477
Drupal, like any other content management system, is constantly being developed by its creators and enthusiasts around the world. New versio...
06.07.18IT / Html 6031
With the advent of a new version of HTML, it has become possible to layout pages in a new way. Namely, HTML5 introduces new semantic tags that...
05.07.18IT / Html 8764
HTML was designed in such a way that almost every element in it contains semantic meaning. The semantic meaning of tags - this means that ...
04.07.18IT / Drupal 2306
Writing a module for Drupal is easy. To get started, you can start by solving simple problems, for example, let's develop a simple module for send...
03.07.18IT / Drupal 2747
Drupal is quite rich in its basic functionality. From version to version, new features were periodically included in the kernel and unnecessary on...
02.07.18IT / PHP 5672
Sometimes the capabilities of the PHP language may not be enough, then you can rent or use your own server, where you can install any additi...
01.07.18IT / Drupal 2783
Sometimes in the software there are any errors or flaws that can be discovered only after long-term use of such software. How do I fix them? To do...
30.06.18IT / PHP 3946
Writing well-formed and concise PHP code is a talent that can be learned over time. This is important because it says a lot about the develo...
29.06.18IT / Drupal 2848
At the end of March 2018, many web developers received a notification informing them of critical vulnerabilities found in Drupal. These vuln...
28.06.18IT / Drupal 1990
After installing Drupal, you need to do some settings to prepare the system for work. Although you can use the CMS almost immediately, it is still...
27.06.18IT / Drupal 2365
Drupal is happy with the secure CMS , but some additional security measures need to be taken. This can be done directly after installing th...
26.06.18IT / Drupal 1722
Drupal stands out among similar systems. First, when a novice developer chooses a system for website development, he is faced with a choice of wha...
25.06.18IT / JavaScript 2349
The jQuery Library is a unique tool that solves many problems in web development. Today it is used in most web projects and is being activ...
24.06.18IT / PHP 2409
PHP is a simple and powerful language for developing web projects. Anyone can start writing programs and scripts on it, there is nothing particula...
23.06.18IT / PHP 6299
PHP today is used in the development of most sites and web applications. This language was conceived by the authors as a simple and afford...
22.06.18IT / Extensions 3166
What is a browser extension? This is a package of program code that extends the basic capabilities of the browser. What is it for? This can be use...
21.06.18IT / Misc 2257
Sometimes, you need to develop a desktop program that will solve a problem. To do this, you need to understand programming, be a well-trained spec...
20.06.18IT / Html 5276
Parsing site pages laid out in HTML can be easily implemented in almost any programming language. Naturally, this can be a very necessary ta...
19.06.18IT / SEO 3448
An SEO specialist today is one of the demanded areas in the IT field, thanks to such a specialist, the site becomes successful. And the more...
18.06.18IT / Drupal 2421
If initially it was decided to develop the site on CMS Drupal , then it is worth taking care of its further maintenance. After development,...
17.06.18IT / JavaScript 8015
Clicking on links in browsers, email programs, and elsewhere may be unsafe. Many people are wary of links, and some users completely refuse to fol...
16.06.18IT / CSS 2149
CSS is a kind of brush and paint for the modern web developer when you think of a page as a canvas with black and white sketches. Thanks to this t...
15.06.18IT / Misc 1848
When the question of creating a site arises, the developer is faced with the question of how to build his project. You can consider differen...
15.06.18IT / Html 2356
The new version of the HTML language has brought many completely new features and has undeniable advantages over previous versions. Added...
14.06.18IT / CSS 2476
CSS technology with the advent of the new version of CSS3 has provided developers with truly unique options for page design. The main fea...
13.06.18IT / JavaScript 1796
JavaScript is the language primarily used on websites. Its support is now implemented in almost all browsers, exceptions may be specific bro...
12.06.18IT / Html 1980
This language is designed to markup documents, mainly web pages. It includes many tags, some are gradually being removed, some new tags are added....
11.06.18IT / CSS 2771
Once upon a time, when the first websites were born, resources looked quite simple, you could see only plain text on them. Gradually, the sites ac...
10.06.18IT / JavaScript 4627
Development in JavaScript (JS) is in great demand today, each site has a significant part of the functionality implemented in this language....
09.06.18IT / Misc 1908
The most important thing for a website is good content . Good content is unique writing that is meaningful and useful to people. Where ...
08.06.18IT / Safety 2232
Now basically all sites have the htpps protocol , which replaced the http . What caused this? The https protocol is the same http, only th...
07.06.18IT / 1C-Bitrix 5589
Bitrix is ​​an excellent system for website development, but with some caveats. The system is highly complex when working with it by untrained use...
07.06.18IT / Mobile 1402
Every site nowadays simply has to be adapted for mobile devices, as from such devices share of traffic is significant . If the site is not suitab...
06.06.18IT / Drupal 1850
For the development of sites, as a rule, ready-made content management systems ( CMS ) are used. All the rest of the necessary functionality...
05.06.18IT / Drupal 2006
Recently there was a mass hacking of sites on CMS Drupal (up to 7.58). This became possible due to a vulnerability in the system itself, which d...
05.06.18IT / Rest API 2379
Often there is a task of centralized data processing, and this data must be accessible from any place and from any device. In this case, the site ...
03.06.18IT / Database 2569
Everyone who runs their business should have a customer database. There he can add new clients and modify existing ones. Previously, customer data...
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