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The modern world is constantly changing, there is a development of various technologies - it is worth talking about it. This section contains articles by category that cover all sorts of topics. Select the category of interest, after which a list of articles will be shown. Below the tags, there is a list of all articles published on the site. You can read about something new, as well as find solutions to current problems.

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04.10.18IT / Domains 4355
Over time, someone has new ideas for new projects - and he opens new sites and registers domains , and someone, on the contrary, closes their pro...
03.10.18IT / JavaScript 3444
Often there is a need to place an element on a site page to select a value from a list. The values ​​in such a list can have long names and it may...
02.10.18IT / Newsletters 2950
Various sites and resources are constantly trying to attract attention to themselves in a variety of ways. With the development of technology, new...
01.10.18IT / SEO 2637
It is often necessary to check whether a page on a site is indexed or to get a list of all such pages. You can use various methods to check. The e...
27.09.18IT / SEO 2259
Search engines currently offer a wide range of functionality to manage the indexing of your site. For example, such popular search engines as Goog...
26.09.18IT / SEO 6731
After writing an article or several articles, the resulting content is posted on the site. For this, as a rule, new website pages are created. In ...
20.09.18IT / Domains 3424
To host a website on the Internet, you need to register a domain. Domain is the address at which the site will be opened when typing the address i...
19.09.18IT / CSS 2508
When the desired font is selected for the site, it remains only to connect it and set the required text sizes for various page elements. Connec...
15.09.18IT / CSS 1988
The font used on the site speaks volumes. It is he who determines how visitors will perceive your resource. What is a font ? A font is the ...
09.09.18IT / Misc 12711
Every Internet user sooner or later faces the need to indicate the username on various resources. This is often required for registration or just ...
29.08.18IT / SEO 2411
After launching the site, the question arises, how to view site statistics ? To do this, you need to use third-party tools. There are quite a few...
28.08.18IT / SEO 2671
After the launch of the site, there may be a need to obtain its statistics. Site statistics contains all kinds of data about visitors and about ho...
27.08.18IT / SEO 1554
Currently, almost every site has a special file that serves to provide search engines with information on how to index the site correctly. This fi...
26.08.18IT / SEO 1654
Sitemap Sitemap is an important element of any modern resource, thanks to which search engines and other services can quickly receive a list of al...
25.08.18IT / SEO 1678
For a long time, one of the indicators of the success of sites was the TIC indicator - a thematic citation index. It was invented by Yandex and ...
24.08.18IT / JavaScript 13238
Sometimes, when visiting a site, you may need to look at which JavaScript code is enabled on the page. This may be needed in various situations,...
23.08.18IT / Html 22013
When entering a particular site, or when viewing your own, you may want to see how an element is written in HTML, as well as make changes to the p...
22.08.18IT / Html 4778
Currently, the site can be opened on a wide variety of devices with a wide variety of screen resolutions. To testing site pages at different reso...
21.08.18IT / JavaScript 5996
When writing JavaScript code it is very convenient to use the browser's built-in console for debugging. It allows you to instantly execute the c...
21.08.18IT / JavaScript 10371
JavaScript is widely used to animate web pages. In this language, there are special events that occur at a certain point in time when perfor...
19.08.18IT / CSS 2707
In order to place an element on the page, you must specify its coordinates, that is, set the position. Coordinates can be set in various ways, rel...
18.08.18IT / Html 2534
Lists are for grouping information on a specific topic, they might be needed anywhere. In HTML there are special tags for their creation, it all...
17.08.18IT / Html 2632
Creating tables on site pages is a fairly frequent process, so you need to know how to create them correctly. Tables allow you to present the mate...
16.08.18IT / Html 4027
When coding web pages on HTML often need to use tags, which assume the presence of an image. The path to such images is usually indicated in a s...
15.08.18IT / Drupal 2265
Sometimes it is necessary to check a site for speed in order to understand how fast it loads. After all, its traffic and usability depend on how...
14.08.18IT / Html 7085
When developing sites, all kinds of tags with various attributes are actively used. What attributes are there in HTML ? This article provides a c...
13.08.18IT / CSS 8500
Very often, when developing sites, it is necessary to place elements on a page that must have borders or frames. This problem can be solved using ...
12.08.18IT / CSS 2793
To set the background for an HTML element, in CSS there is a special property - background . This is a shorthand for many of the properti...
11.08.18IT / Html 5555
HTML quite a lot all kinds of elements and they can have different attributes. What is an attribute in HTML ? This is an additional entry withi...
10.08.18IT / Html 2427
Currently modern browsers try to do spell check attribute when entering text in any fields . This is usually the default setting. But sometimes i...
09.08.18IT / Html 4594
HTML today has very rich functionalities and they are constantly expanding. For example, you can edit the content right on the page, without swi...
08.08.18IT / Drupal 3754
When creating Drupal forms need to specify various properties of the fields. There are many such properties, they may differ for different types...
07.08.18IT / CSS 2429
Over the entire existence of websites for their development, various approaches have been used for the necessary placement of elements on the page...
06.08.18IT / CSS 2309
Typically, page layout uses property display - it helps to make the element display the way you want. It has a lot of possible values, and not...
05.08.18IT / CSS 3645
When placing elements on a page, it is often necessary to make the flow around one block over another. To do this, CSS styles correctly there is...
04.08.18IT / CSS 2808
When layout pages of a site or when publishing new materials, there may be a need to align the content of an element on either side. For this ther...
03.08.18IT / CSS 3689
When coding site pages, there is often a need to change the display style of an element, for this styles correctly in CSS there is a disp...
02.08.18IT / Drupal 4961
When creating a form in Drupal, you must specify its type for each field. What types of fields exist in Drupal , or rather, which #type c...
01.08.18IT / Drupal 2314
To obtain various data from users on the site, various forms are used. These forms can be any type of form: text fields, lists, radio buttons, che...
31.07.18IT / Html 2650
When coding site pages, you should adhere to certain rules in order to end up with a high-quality layout page that will pass the check in the HTM...
30.07.18IT / Drupal 2336
Sometimes you need to create dynamic forms in Drupal - forms that change without reloading the page. In Drupal there is also such an opportunity...
29.07.18IT / PHP 29451
Managing files PHP is quite simple - for this language has a large number of possibilities in its arsenal. You may need to control file do...
28.07.18IT / Html 11064
When adding input fields to site pages, you need to specify auxiliary text for them - hints that explain the purpose of the fields. Previously, th...
27.07.18IT / Html 2399
Meta tags are used to set additional information about the site page. This information can be used by various services and programs - for ex...
26.07.18IT / CSS 5216
When laying out web pages or working with site content, there is often a need to change the text, or rather its properties: size, font, style, etc...
25.07.18IT / Html 3082
When working with the site, you have to periodically add new content and make various changes to the existing one. As a rule, the main part of the...
24.07.18IT / PHP 7835
When Writing PHP Code , you may need to create an HTML element in your code. Novice developers write HTML code directly in the file with PH...
23.07.18IT / Html 4555
Make video playback on the site - today the need to implement such functionality is quite common. Previously, the object tag and third-party too...
22.07.18IT / Html 4169
Playing audio files on web pages is not unusual today. Previously, for this you had to use special third-party tools, connect a flash player, for ...
21.07.18IT / Drupal 2276
It is customary to use databases or files to store data. But sometimes there is no desire to create a separate table in the database, or it is imp...
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